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The Crow: Soaring into Theaters a Little Later This Summer

Hey, I’m sure you remember “The Crow” reboot that’s coming, right? That dark, iconic flick about a murdered musician seeking revenge? Well, the reboot is making its way to theaters, but with a slight delay. Originally scheduled for a June release, Lionsgate just announced it’s moving to August 23rd.

Here’s the deal: the new release date puts “The Crow” up against some lesser-known movies, which is probably a good thing. Nobody wants their dark revenge flick overshadowed by a giant summer action movie, right? Plus, this gives you more time to prep your goth wardrobe for opening night. Speaking of the movie, the trailer caused a bit of a stir online. Some folks were feeling the dark vibes and Bill Skarsgård’s (you know him from “It“) brooding performance as the resurrected rocker, Eric Draven. Others…well, let’s just say they weren’t convinced.

But hey, that’s the beauty of movies, everyone has an opinion! Here’s the lowdown on the plot: Eric and his girlfriend Shelly (played by the super-talented FKA twigs) get murdered. Eric gets a shot at coming back from the dead, but only on one condition – he has to avenge Shelly’s death. So, Eric channels his inner goth and becomes the Crow, a supernatural being with a serious case of the revenge blues.

This reboot has been a long time coming. Whispers of a new “Crow” movie started swirling around back in 2008. There’s a who’s who of Hollywood A-listers that were cast at different points (think Bradley Cooper and Jason Momoa!). Looks like Bill Skarsgård finally snagged the role, and with a talented director and cast on board, this could be a dark horse contender this summer.

So, mark your calendars for August 23rd and get ready for a gothically charged revenge story. Will it live up to the legacy of the original? Only time (and maybe some eyeliner) will tell.

(Source: Comicbookmovie)

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