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Exclusive: Director Jeff Blitz On ‘Upload’ Season 3 Excitement

In a world where technology and humor collide, “Upload” has become a beloved phenomenon. Jeff Blitz, director f the hit Prime Video show, speaks with us ahead of the show’s premiere. We had an awesome opportunity to explore the magic behind the scenes that makes this show truly exceptional. In an exclusive interview, Blitz shares his insights into what makes “Upload” stand out in his experienced career. Jeff talks about the camaraderie that blossoms among the cast. That camaraderie is, according to him, a unique result of the show’s futuristic setting. The characters essentially live “15 years in the future together.”

“Upload” has a distinctive sense of humor and quirkiness that fans adore. In our interview, Blitz also talks about other behind-the-scenes tidbits and favorite moments. Whether it’s a surreal encounter with a cow-centipede-monster or the choice of weapons for a break-in, there’s an undeniable playfulness that contributes to the show’s charm. As we gear up for Season 3, it’s safe to say that “Upload” remains as intriguing behind the scenes as it is on screen.

Jeff Blitz Interview

You’ve had such a rich career working on so many beloved projects. What do you find unique and special about this cast and this show that stands out in your memory?

Upload Season 3 Episode 1 Jeff BlitzJeff Blitz: Every show is different, every cast is different, but there’s something very special here.  I think it may be that they are the only people in the world who, in a way, are living 15 years in the future together.  It’s the magic of TV, of course, but they inhabit the world of Upload and no one else does so they’re almost in a kind of Biosphere together.  That kind of situation is great for bonding and it’s inspired a closeness and supportive camaraderie that’s rare.

What are you most excited for fans to see or learn in these first 2 episodes?

Jeff Blitz: The opening episodes are a thrilling wrap to last season and a real kick-off to this season.  I’m excited to see if they’re ready for what’s to come.

A note on the wall of the Freeyond offices is written that “Angel/UploadRelationships Never Works Out”. Where did this note come from? Can you talk about whether that is foreshadowing?

Upload Season 3 Episode 1 Jeff Blitz InterviewJeff Blitz: Ha!  I love this note!  The writing staff comes up with pitches for such things.  Often Maxwell Vivian, the on-set genius writer, dashes out dozens of possibilities for art department to implement.  The note is less foreshadowing and more a comment on the oppressive work environment Nora finds herself in: in every way the odds are against her relationship with Nathan.  For me, it makes me root even harder for their love.

This episode has callbacks to the series premiere with the return of the videogame controller and manual driving. Are these full-circle moments intentional or indicative of an end to the story?

Jeff Blitz: Less than signaling the end of something, it’s about reminding our viewers that Nathan and Nora have their own skill sets to draw upon as they go up against the cabal behind Freeyond.

Ivan hilariously brings weapons to the Freeyond facility to help break in with Nathan and interestingly he grabs Nunchakus and a pair of Katanas. Was this an easter egg for those of us who love Ninja Turtles?

Jeff Blitz: Yeah, I think Ivan’s idea of the hero he’d like to be probably draws a lot from Ninja Turtles.  Also shamefully other less reputable characters.

What was your favorite moment to film in these episodes?

Jeff Blitz: Our day shooting an imaginary cow-centipede-monster with the help of a staggeringly phallic bank of cottage cheese-spewing appendages ranks high for me.  But honestly, that’s just one day of many where we on the crew get to stand back and wonder at all the life’s choices that have brought us there.

What is something you can geek out about for hours?

Jeff Blitz: Comic book artists… The Twilight Zone… re-reading Ursula LeGuin… and introducing I Love Lucy to my god-kids.

Upload Season 3 takes fans on another thrilling ride through the whimsical, thought-provoking, futuristic world. Upload is a labor of love created by Emmy-winning writer Greg Daniels. In this technologically advanced future, where holographic phones, self-driving vehicles, and 3D food printers are the norm. Upload continues to deliver a unique blend of humor and science fiction. Upload Season 3’s premise features Nora and freshly downloaded Nathan and hints at the complexities of their love, while they race against time to unravel a mysterious conspiracy that could change the lives of millions.

Stay tuned for more coverage of this fan-favorite show in the near future!

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