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The Equalizer Antoine Fuqua Digitally De-Age Denzel

Antoine Fuqua Considering De-Aging Denzel for Equalizer Prequel

Technology continues to reshape the boundaries of storytelling. Director Antoine Fuqua, known for iconic films like “Training Day,” has now set his sights on the realm of AI-driven digital de-aging, sparking a buzz around the possibility of rejuvenating the legendary Denzel Washington for an intriguing prequel to the “Equalizer” series.

The Equalizer Universe Expands

Speaking exclusively to NME, Antoine Fuqua unveiled an intriguing idea: using AI to digitally de-age Denzel Washington, the star of the “Equalizer” franchise. The idea of telling McCall’s origins and the journey that forged him into the enigmatic figure we know today intrigued Fuqua and his team. Fuqua contemplated the idea of working on a project showing the earlier days of Robert McCall, the vigilant ex-hitman portrayed by Washington.

The concept of digitally de-aging actors is not new. Hollywood is actively embracing this technology to breathe life into the past and bridge timelines. From a digitally rejuvenated Harrison Ford in “Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny” to the masterful work in Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman,” the boundary between the past and present has never been so captivating.

Fuqua’s Perspective on the Tech

Antoine Fuqua’s vision for a digitally de-aged Denzel Washington opens up a LOT of storytelling possibilities. In the interview, Fuqua expressed his intrigue about the technology, emphasizing the advancements he’s seeing in films like an upcoming project starring Tom Hanks.

The idea of an “Equalizer” prequel is really exciting. Looking into McCall’s past and seeing the events that shaped his path could offer fans a new perspective on the character. Fuqua acknowledged discussions with Richard Wenk, co-writer of the “Equalizer” trilogy, about exploring McCall’s younger days, making the journey into the past seem all the more possible.

Uncharted Territory

While the digital de-aging process opens doors to uncharted storytelling, we still need to know if Denzel Washington is on board with the idea? Fuqua shared that he hadn’t yet broached the topic with Washington and is closely monitoring the advancements in AI technology. Since the creation of the “Equalizer” series in 2014, Denzel’s portrayal of Robert McCall has left an unforgettable mark. McCall’s journey from intelligence officer to vigilante ex-hitman has captivated audiences. A prequel could absolutely offer a new layer to this complex character.

As we learn more about the potential prequel, fans of the “Equalizer” series still have The Equalizer 3 to look forward to soon. We’ll share more information as soon as it’s available.

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