Ahsoka Saw This Star Wars: Rebels Voice Actor Reprise Their Role In Live-Action

With the premiere of Ahsoka on Disney+, fans finally got that Star Wars: Rebels continuation that we didn’t even know we needed. With the first two episodes out now, there were a lot of surprises and fist-pump moments to satisfy long-time and new fans of the franchise. One of the most surprising moments was when this Ahsoka actor appeared as a well-known Rebels character. But the surprising part is that the Ahsoka actor was the same actor who voiced the character in Rebels.

Lars Mikkelsen Isn’t The Only Ahsoka Actor From Rebels

Ahsoka actor Lars.

Image via Disney+.

We all know that Lars Mikkelsen is reprising his voice-acting role as Grand Admiral Thrawn from Rebels in Ahsoka. The Ahsoka actor was the perfect choice to bring back one of the greatest villains in the Star Wars franchise, into live-action from animation. Mikkelsen was intimidating and incredibly terrifying as the smooth-voiced but brutal tactician Thrawn. So it makes sense for him to come back to play the same character in live-action from Rebels to Ahsoka. But Mikkelsen isn’t the Ahsoka actor that is doing that.

Rider Azadi Is The Ahsoka Actor Who’s Back In An Awesome Casting Move

Ahsoka actor Azadi

Image via Disney+.

The Ahsoka actor who surprised Rebels fans was the actor who voiced Rider Azadi, Clancy Brow, appearing in the live-action Ahsoka. Brown famously played Rider Azadi in Rebels as the former Governor of Lothal before the Imperial occupation. The character, seemingly very much designed after Brown himself, was an ally to the rebels. After his escape from Imperial prison, Azadi was a crucial ally to the Rebels, helping them re-take Lothal by the end.

Star Wars: Rebels focused in large part on how the Republic Rebellion began after the events of Revenge Of The Sith, leading into A New Hope. But the smaller story was that about a Force-sensitive kid in Ezra Bridger, and his efforts to become part of the rebellion to free his own home planet of Lothal. Azadi was very important in helping achieve this.

Clancy Brown Is No Slouch To Geeky And Genre Shows

Ahsoka actor Rider

Image via Disney+.

Clancy Brown is an accomplished actor in his own right. Brown has appeared in live-action roles in movies and shows like Daredevil, The Flash, Lost, Men In Black and more. But he’s also had a massive illustrious career as a voice actor in many animated, live-action shows and movies as we all video games. Famously, Brown is Mr. Krabs in Spongebob Squarepants, countless Marvel and DC animated shows and video games, Invincible, Rick and Morty, Robot Chicken and so much more.

This Ahsoka actor’s role in the show isn’t even the first time Brown has worked on Star Wars-related content. Brown has voiced characters in The Mandalorian, Tales Of The Jedi and The Clone Wars. Brown showing up as the same character he voiced in Star Wars: Rebels was a huge surprise in a show that was already very anticipated. I doubt Brown’s Azadi will have any other impact on Ahsoka, given the story takes the lead characters away from Lothal.

Ahsoka is now on Disney+ along with all episodes of Star Wars: Rebels.

What did you think about this Ahsoka actor being the same as the one from Star Wars: Rebels? Share your thoughts below or reach out to me on Twitter at @theshahshahid to discuss everything Star Wars or Ahsoka related.

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