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Hijack Season 1 On Apple TV+ Is A Subversive Riveting Suspense Thriller

Apple TV+ is seemingly firing on all cylinders these days. 2023 has seen some amazing new shows and movies, like Ted Lasso and Still. And there doesn’t seem to be any signs of slowing down or stopping. As proven by the Hijack Season 1 premiere episode, the streamer looks to have another hit on their hands. The new show is a really cool drama that doesn’t act as the typical story about this specific subject matter. And I’m very relieved that it wasn’t too soon for one particular part of the show. Hint: It’s in the title.

Hijack Season 1 Premiere Episode Review Is Spoiler-Free

Hijack premiere episode couple.

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Hiack Season 1 is an Apple TV+ original series starring Idris Elba that is pretty self-explanatory in its title. The story revolves around the hijacking of a British flight flying to London, which Elba’s character is on. The series is seemingly focusing on the complications, the motives, and how the whole hijacking of the plane affects the passengers, and their loved ones on the ground. But the Hijack Season 1 premiere episode has one key factor that separates itself from the other shows or movies with a similar premise; its ending. But I did promise that this review would be spoiler-free, so I can’t really go into how the premiere episode ends. But it’s a key moment that changes everything. But even without that moment, there’s a lot to love in the Hijack Season 1 Premiere episode.

Plane Hijacking Story Could’ve Been Too Soon

Hijack premiere episode Elba.

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Before the Hijack Season 1 premiere episode released, my concern was about the problematic depictions surrounding a plane hijacking story. With terrorism and plane hijack stories done to death on both TV and movies, my concern was that the show would repeat previously seen tropes, problematic depictions, motives and reasonings behind its main premise.

After actually seeing the Hijack premiere episode, I can happily say that those concerns were unwarranted. The series avoids the usual tropes and creates a story that is genuinely compelling and riveting without going down familiar avenues of storytelling. The ensemble cast of characters makes the story feel believable. The plot stays away from the conventional, and mostly offensive depictions of terrorists and their actions. And the actual approach and tone of the show feel original in a way that we haven’t seen before.

The Performances In Hijack Premiere Episode Are Stunning

Hijack premiere episode Archie.

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A good story is nothing without good performances. And Hijack has some amazing performances and talent in front of the camera. Elba’s character is almost as mysterious as the bad guys themselves. Elba puts in a gravely intense performance as a man caught in something that he, seemingly, has very little patience for. For some reason. Max Beesley is another character on the ground monitoring the potential plane hijack, as someone close to Elba’s characters. In an unexpected way. There’s also Archie Punjabi who is the official on the ground who it tipped off to something wrong in the skies.

Potentially Another Apple TV+ Hit

Hijack premiere episode FC.

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The Hijack premiere episode is a wonderful non-geeky series that is working on multiple fronts. It has the suspense and intensity of Air Force One, with the episodic storytelling format of great long-form television. So far the episode ramps up the tension with each scene and a cliffhanger ending that makes audiences look forward to the next episode. Its story effectively makes audiences feel the fear, stress, and anxiety that comes with being on a hijacked plane, unsure of your fate. Even the way the story unfolds is fascinating.

In many ways, the show almost does the opposite of my initial concern. The Hijack series comes at a time when we’re overdue for a good plane hijacking story. As weird as that sounds to say. But the setting of the story is a great source of playing on people’s already built-in fears and stresses around flying, ramping up those concerns to extreme levels. But it never feels gratuitous or exploitative. Which is a hard line to walk for a story with this subject matter.

Hijack Premiere Episode Review Ends With More To Come

Overall, the Hijack premiere episode ends with an explosive cliffhanger that does a great job of ensuring audiences return to see the story unfold. I’m excited to see what this story has to offer going forward.

Hijack streams on Apple TV+ every week.

What did you think of the Hijack premiere episode? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter at @theshahshahid.

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