Powerhouse Animation Round-Up: All The Netflix Original Series Ranked

We’re always having conversations about Disney Animation, Pixar, Dreamworks and Illumination. But one of the most overlooked animation studios out there is Powerhouse Animation. The studio responsible for some of the greatest animated series of the last few years, all exclusively on Netflix. So it’s time to do a Powerhouse Animation round-up of their best shows available on Netflix.

Please note that this Powerhouse Animation round-up will be a spoiler-free discussion of all of their series on Netflix. So read on and then check out the shows yourself.

Skull Island Kickstarts The Powerhouse Animation Round-Up

Powerhouse Animation round-up Skull Island.

Image via Netflix.

Powerhouse Animation’s most recent release is a continuation of the MonsterVerse, with Skull Island. The show continues the story from the live-action Kong: Skull Island movie, in a new and exciting way. I loved the show, and how much it added a new spin to the existing universe of Kong and monster movies. And despite being the fifth entry on this list, it’s still a great animated series. Skull Island incorporates the traditional Powerhouse Animation style into jungle locales and exotic monsters, which is kind of a first. The show uses shadows and underwater animation in a really cool and interesting way. While most of the animation is in the classic 2D format, they use textures and layers in ways that are very unique and innovative.

Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Is Powerhouse Animation’s Most Visually Stunning

Powerhouse Animation round-up He-Man.

Image via Netflix.

From the mind of geek-king Kevin Smith comes the sequel to the original He-Man series from the 1980s. Along with a brilliant writing team that compromises writers like Marc Bernardin, Masters Of The Universe: Revelation is a direct continuation to the original He-Man show, that takes the story in a brand new direction. The show homages the original’s roots and spirit while updating the approach for a new generation. Powerhouse Animation does an incredible job of updating the look of the original series with brand-new animation and styles to the existing characters. The updated visuals complement the story in a great way. Not to mention the action is drastically different from the original with Powerhouse really going above and beyond with the aesthetic of the show.

Blood Of Zeus Is Powerhouse Animations’ Clash Of The Titans


Image via Netflix.

Blood Of Zeus is another amazing Powerhouse Animation original that takes on the Greek mythology universe, excitingly and dramatically. While the story is absolutely brilliant, putting a new take on the Greek Gods, the animation style is breathtaking. The way that Powerhouse shows off Greek Gods with glowing light and larger-than-life backdrops of Mt. Olympus, is very stunning. An achievement that’s even greater when you think about how many other depictions we’ve gotten of these characters in various other media. So to find a new way to visually showcase these classic characters is very impressive.

Powerhouse’s animation complements the story of Blood Of Zeus that much more with some amazing visuals and insane action sequences. There is a mix of horror, supernatural, demons and God-like characters that give audiences a lot to behold in Blood Of Zeus. The show itself is one of the best new animated original series of the last decade. And definitely worth a watch.

Seis Manos Is An Underrated Anime From Powerhouse Animation

Powerhouse Animation round-up Seis Manos

Image via Netflix.

One of the more hidden gems in this Powerhouse Animation round-up is Seis Manos. Imagine an anime series with Latino characters who know Kung Fu, with supernatural elements blended into the story. It’s a genre mashup for the ages that doesn’t rely entirely on this gimmick. The story and characters are moving and have so much depth Their character arcs are superb and add substance to the action and visual components.

The action choreography in the style of 70’s action movies is incredible. The vibe of the series is very much that of the 70’s martial arts Bruce Lee movies while adding many horror and supernatural concepts as well. And seeing action done in animation so wonderfully is a feat in and of itself.

Powerhouse Animation Round-Up Ends With Castlevania!

Powerhouse Animation round-up Castlevania

Image via Netflix.

Probably the series that brought the most acclaim to Powerhouse Animation, not to mention kickstarted Netflix’s anime library, is Castlevania. The 90s video game adaptation is a brutally mature anime that is one of the best works of storytelling I’ve ever seen in anime or live-action form. Castlevania sees a world where Dracula is a tragic and embittered lover seeking revenge from the world for the loss of his love. Along comes a generational vampire hunter who has to take him on, with some unexpected allies.

Castlevania remains one of the best all-time anime series, ever! Coupled with an insanely moving story that just grows and becomes more layered in each of its 4-seasons, the visuals from Powerhouse Animation are just incredible. The story will move you to tears, while the action and visual effects will make you stand up and cheer. It’s the perfect example of how action engages audiences that much more in the emotional core of a story.

All seasons of Castlevania are now on Netflix.

Which is your favourite Powerhouse Animation series? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter at @theshahshahid

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