FROM Season 3 Renewed: The Nightmarish Series Continues

FROM Season 3

In an exciting announcement, MGM+ has confirmed FROM Season 3. This renewal of the sci-fi horror series FROM finally confirms that we are in store for a highly anticipated third season. With a captivating storyline created and executive produced by John Griffin, and executive produced by showrunner Jeff Pinkner and director Jack Bender, the series has garnered a massive following and become the second-most viewed series in the history of the premium network. Season 3 promises to take viewers on a rollercoaster ride as the mysteries surrounding the nightmarish town continue to unravel. As escape becomes a tantalizing possibility and the townspeople band together against the terrifying horrors lurking in the shadows, fans can expect more scares, answers, and mind-bending twists. The ensemble cast, led by the talented Harold Perrineau, is set to return in 2024, along with some exciting new additions. Join the FROMily and dive deeper into the darkness as Season 3 of FROM brings you closer to the truth.

Stay tuned for more updates and behind-the-scenes insights as we embark on this thrilling journey together. Don’t miss out on the heart-pounding suspense and supernatural intrigue that FROM has in store. Be prepared to uncover the secrets of the nightmarish town like never before. Subscribe to our channel and join the FROM community as we count down to the much-anticipated Season 3 premiere.

“The first two seasons of FROM captivated critics and terrified and engaged fans, who have formed a thriving online community that is trying to put the pieces together week by week as the secrets of the nightmarish town—and possibly beyond—are slowly revealed,” said Michael Wright, head of MGM+. “We can’t wait for fans to see the surprises ahead in Season Three, which promises more scares and mysteries, but also more answers.”

“We’re so grateful for the support of our fans and FROMily this season. We have a lot more story to tell … and shocking, weird roads to take you on, with plenty of answers along the way,” said Jack Bender, executive producer, and director.

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The series stars Harold Perrineau (Lost) and an ensemble cast which includes Catalina Sandino Moreno (Maria Full of Grace, The Affair), Eion Bailey (Band of Brothers, Once Upon a Time), Hannah Cheramy (Under Wraps, Van Helsing), Simon Webster (Strays), Ricky He (The Good Doctor), Chloe Van Landschoot (Charity, Skin), Corteon Moore (Utopia Falls), Pegah Ghafoori (The Perfect Wedding), David Alpay (Castle Rock), Elizabeth Saunders (Clarice), Elizabeth Moy, Avery Konrad (Honor Society), and Scott McCord (East of Middle West). Joining the ensemble in Season Two were Nathan D. Simmons (Diggstown, This Hour Has 22 Minutes), Kaelen Ohm (Hit & Run, Eumenides Falls), Angela Moore (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Maid), A.J. Simmons (Reacher), and Deborah Grover (My Next Door Nightmare, Jann).

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