Stargate Creator Dashes Hopes For New Series And I’m Sad Now

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Stargate is one of those epic science fiction franchises, with the same appeal as the big boys like Star Trek and Star Wars. With multiple movies and series as part of a multi-media franchise, Stargate is simply put, awesome! However, the co-creator of the entire franchise recently shared on social media news of a Stargate series cancellation. This means, there will be no more Stargate in the near future for fans of the franchise. It’s a sad way to start the week. At least for me.

What Is Stargate And Why Should You Care?

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Stargate originally was a 1994 movie starring Kurt Russell and James Spader. The movie’s story was about how the discovery of a massive Egyptian Ring hidden in a pyramid, was actually a portal to another planet, far from Earth. After travelling through it, the military led by Russell, along with a nerdy archeologist in Spader, discover a human society that still worships the Egyptian Gods. The movie spawned a new spin-off series that continued the story. A top secret military organization now uses the ring to explore these far-off worlds to discover new allies, technology and scientific advancements to help better humanity. It’s basically like Star Trek, but through a ring, instead of in space.

One of the reasons the series was so beloved, is that it created a universe that saw all ancient human cultures as advanced races of aliens who enslaved humanity and transported them across the galaxy. So the show actually used ancient Earth history and attributed them to aliens. Concepts like Egyptian, Greek and Roman Gods, were actually various aliens. Even ancient Chinese, Norse, and Indian mythology were part of amazing storylines and arcs.

The SG-1 series even spawned a spin-off that used the mythical Atlantis as a premise. Coincidentally, the Atlantis series saw Jason Momoa as one of the show’s leads, years before he became the hero of the DC Universe’s Atlantis in Aquaman.

Co-Creator Brand Wright Confirms Stargate Series Cancellation

When casually asked by a fan on Twitter, co-creator Brad Wright sadly informed of the Stargate series cancellation. Apparently, they were hard at work at a new Stargate series, however, then COVID hit. Due to the timing, the series was in development and is no longer moving ahead. This is sad news, given that Stargate was one of those indie-cult hit shows that spawned 3 different TV series, and countless spin-off movies and had a beloved fan base. It used unique concepts of mythology, history and existing concepts to create engaging and interesting stories. I for one and absolutely wrecked hearing about the Stargate series cancellation.

Are you as upset as me to hear about the Stargate series cancellation? Let me know in the comments below as we can be sad together.

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