Stargate SG-1 Cancelled

Kind of a sad day for Sci-Fi fans. I enjoyed Stargate the movie… but it wasn’t until like 3 years ago that I got turned on to the TV spin off “Stargate SG-1”. I just started watching the old reruns of the first few seasons and got hooked on it.

They managed to create a really interesting universe with some great mythology behind them (come on… little Alien guys who are the basis of Viking lore? How cool is that?). SO yeah… even though the show was a bit on the cheese side, it had some great appeal. Great enough that is is the single longest running Sci-Fi show (continuously running) on North American television (they just had their 200th episode). Well… all good things come to an end.

The last 2 seasons of the show have been weak, as they normally are when a long running show suddenly goes through some major changes, and the show has now been canceled and won’t be picked up for another season. I’ve never known a lot of people who watched it… so I’m kinda surprised the show lasted this long.

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42 thoughts on “Stargate SG-1 Cancelled

  1. good show, i started watching it on showtime and i just finished watching the last episode via the internet (downloaded it) what a journey 10 years.i will miss all the bad guys but it the end the human got too powerful and the enemies would easily fall at their feet will little effort kind of like dragonball z but i still love the show

  2. Well, I just watcyhed the Last episode of Sg-1, and I wasnt aware that it was ending until they told me at the end of the program. I’m sitting here in shock. Whilst it wasn’t the most mentally challenging program, it was a good ride that got me out of my office and into the universe for one night a week, and had some cool CG! Thanks to the shows producers for some light fun and cheesy Gags! I hope someone makes a new alternative reality for me to get lost in soon!

  3. The movie was great. They have just started reruns of SG1 every night, Mon-Fri. The pilot was good and showed potential but after 3 weeks and 15 episodes those characters are just to damn rightous and annoying. The stories are weak, the aliean worlds are boring imitations of of past. Where’s the originality in that. And aren’t any of you amazed that all those aliens speak english. I’m surprised it wasn’t canned earlier. How about some sci-fi that challenges the mind.

  4. sad.

    movie was good, sg1 better, atlantis best,
    my opinion don’t count for much i know,
    but this is still a sad day as there is almost nothing worth watching on tv now, the new dr who and torchwood are quite good but that’s it, and nowhere as good as atlantis.

    booooo hooooo.

  5. SG1mgm should go on for a season 11 its the best show ever so dont end i will watch it for ever Iam a ture SG1 fan i love sg1 come on I will try the best to save should you SG1 fans to try to save the show SG1 fans

  6. I have been with stargate from the begining and have loved the show I must say i thought it should have ended with season 8 as it tied up most of the story lines in the show. Season 9 was not very good and now season 10 has come which has not been to bad it’s just a real shame that a show like sg-1 has to be cancelled but the saving grace for me is that at least we get dvd movie to properly finish the series of there are not many good shows that get that chance once they have been cancelled

  7. If they were going to end the show they should have done it at the end of 8… Not in the middle of the whole Ori story. What pisses me off is not the fact that the show is ending, it is the fact that they are leaving a half open book at a to be continued… They should at least finish the story before ending the damn show, I mean just out of feign respect of a ten season strong show.

    Also Atlantis is going to take a huge hit due to the plot hole left by SG1’s absence. I love both shows just sad to see so many stupid things happen to such good shows. Well I guess I am just going to have to just deal with it and hope that they finish it on DVD. I own 1st-10th seasons of SG1 and 1st season of Atlantis.

    Well that is just my 2 cents.
    I hope you all agree with my frustration.

  8. ive been a fan since the film and have watched every episode,
    series 1-4 being the best,
    5-6 were good,
    7 just sucked
    8 should have been where they should’ve ended the show
    9-10 was a mistake.

    i would like to see them properly finish the story and what will happen to daniel jackson and whether jack will return. maybe they will do some films to continue the story i dont know but the idea of continueing the films from the original film will suck ass.

  9. Devlins movies will suck, the fanbase is totally against them, they are going to completely ignore the series and continue on from the original film like SG-1 never happened…

  10. This news is sad for many reasons. Season 10 was started with a 2 year story arc in mind and scifi knew this yet still wants to cancel the show after only 5 episodes into the 40 episode arc. The ratings have declined but SciFI themselves can shoulder much of the blame for that in their lack of promotion for the show. The 200th episode got a good amount of promotion and the ratings reflected it with a 1.9. They seemingly wanted this to happen. Why would they want this to happen you ask? Well it means we will get more watered down NBC/Universal shows (such as Eureka aka bad Outer Limits set in Nerdville) now because that is who owns SCiFi and by doing so they can keep more of the profits. But worst of all this cancellation shows the vision of a channel truly devoted to Sci Fi is lost if they can get rid of SG-1 in mid story arc while they keep Pro Wrestling!?!?

  11. The reason the ratings suck is The sci fi channel. Stargate was , is the perfect sci fi series, thru the gate a whole new adventure. There are no limits on the storylines. However as soon as sci fi picked it up it became less about going thru the gate and more about washinton and the politics of the gate program. I guess they had to destroy it to make room for all thier other great shows. we obviously need more movies about giant snakes and insects. oh but i forgot about eureka, its hilarious(not). Can you tell im bitter.

  12. It’s all about the ratings as usual. I’m a huge Stargate fan and I do hope the show will be able to live on an other network. (Similar from the change from Showtime to SCI FI).

    About the quality of the episodes; every seasons had it’s lows and highs, I’m saying that the removal of Battlestar Galactica and the fact that SCI FI is a network available to US only might be in cause:

  13. i am soooo upset about this news but as people have said it has had its run. in my opinion they really should have finished it in season 8 when they killed off all the bad guys that they were fighting against and when all the actors were wanting too leave.

    What i want too know is now that it is cancelled will they be finishing off the story that they started with the ori or will they just finish it like what happened to firefly.

  14. Speaking as a SG – 1 fan, I am a little sad that it has been cancelled I didn’t start watching until the 3rd season but I caught up quick, at least it got 10 years and that says it all, not many sci fi series can say that, I can only thing of one and that’s Doctor who, I hope this does not affect Atlantis.

  15. Well being in Aus, I havent seen Season 9 or 10 yet, but am looking forward to it. I have heard that is isnt confirmed that they will complete all the eps for season 10, but hopefully they have a chance to say Goodbye in some way. Im a bog fan, and have loved the humor mix with rest. It would be great to see it live on in some way, but everything has to end sometime. I just hope it ends well. not something like the way that firefly ended!

  16. its been a great 10yr ride,im sad to see it end,but hopefully they get a chance to send SG1 off with a bang on the series finale in June.

    I am going to give Atlantis a try this weekend, hopefully it can keep me in the SG’verse a bit longer

  17. I knew this day would come… i have watched SG-1 since it first aired and i will sorely miss it!

    Gotta say you had to see it coming though, i reckon that Sci-fi most likely wanted to cancel it slightly earlier but wanted the show to have the dignity of airing its 200th ep before they announced it.

    Oh well if its set to contimue in some way then great but i don’t think they should push it… if its gonna die then let it die gracefully!

  18. Stargate SG-1 is such a great show, I’m sad with this news. But I’m not suprised, they should have finish it when they destroy the goual’d, this Ori thing suck.
    And the last episode!! jesus it was horrible…

  19. Yes- the show was cancelled several years ago when it started on Showtime. It was given a Hail Mary when Sci Fi channell picked up the tab, where the show gained in poularity (Sci-Fi could also repeat past eps that aired on Showtime) The series had a good run, as far as movie spinoffs, or any regular TV show is concerned. 10 years/seasons is a goldmine for everyone. If the show starts losing its luster, 10 seasons is a good time to wrap things up.

    They have a spinoff show, which is fairly decent – and y’know something? I loved the Roland Emmerich film too.

  20. I guess living in Vancouver I’m much more away for the Stargate Fans. They’re EVERYWHERE. People who I never thought were sci-fi fans watched this show. We’ve known about the cancellation for a few weeks now but the good news is that Stargate Atlantis seems to be picking up steam so fans will have *something* to watch.

  21. From

    “New episodes of both Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis continue Fridays this summer starting at 9 p.m. Eastern/Pacific, leading up to the mid-season finale on September 22. The second half of the season will begin in March, leading to SG-1’s final bow on SCI FI in June.”

    See, SG-1 will finish it’s 10th season in total, but you will have to wait until June to see the actual final episode (which means plenty of time to make a great series finally).

    Oh, and also from

    “Executive producer Robert C. Cooper told GateWorld exclusively.

    ‘As far as the future I can’t comment yet because nothing has been confirmed,’ Cooper said. ‘What we want to emphasize is that the franchise is not dying. SG-1 will go on in some way. We’re just not ready to announce how.'”

  22. This is kinda sad, but the show had a good run. From what I had heard they were gonna do a feature film and spin it off into another series. I guess that plan’s all shot to hell now. Atlantis will get cancelled soon too, unless they somehow move all the SG-1 characters to that show.

    Odd timing though. I figured they’d let them finish out the season, if only for the DVD sales.

    Hallowed are the ORI!!!

  23. PS – Just because it never took itself too seriously, doesnt mean it wasnt serious. it never became a “joke” either. Buffy, Hercules, Xena, Charmed, etc. all just got ‘stupid silly’ in their final season/few seasons. Almost slapstick. (in my opinion. Although at one time i watched them all.)

  24. Scifi always breaks up its seasons into 2 parts. For SG1 part one (usually 10 episodes) was in the summer… July, Aug, Sept. Part 2 would have been Jan, Feb, and March 2007… but from what i read they are STOPPING production and have only finished 3 episodes for the “second half” of the season. So they will air the last 3 in 2007. That sucks… as previously stated by Jamie, it deserves to finish out a FULL final season.

    I will miss it. It could be a little cheesy at times, but it never took itself tooo seriously and was overall good sci-fi.

  25. The cancellation of this series was inevitable. This past season has been horrible, and the previous season was okay. It had a good run. I dont think Atlantis will last nearly as long, in fact I think Atlantis won’t run for more than 5 seasons.

  26. They are still going to finish up the 10th season. It is not like they are stopping production right now on the rest of the season, they are just not going to make anymore after this.

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