Kurt Russell and Sacha Baron Cohen drop Django Unchained

It was recently announced that both actors Kurt Russell and Sacha Baron Cohen are dropping out of production for the latest Quentin Tarantino film ‘Django Unchained’. No really good reasons have been cited from either actor but this writer has his theories.

Whoa whoa whoa! Django Unchained has already started production! Quentin Tarantino has already been photographed “directing” on the set! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HARD IT IS TO GET THIS GUY IN THE MOOD TO DIRECT?!

With production of this film already underway it certainly is a fine time to get out of the film, eh guys? My theory? The film is too racy. Too over the top. I bet they both respect Tarantino and originally thought it sounded like a great idea but once you see what Tarantino has in mind and how touchy it could be to be the white guy in a movie involving slavery it must’ve all sunk in and made them re-think that decision. Seriously, I’m still shocked that DiCaprio is involved in this.

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