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Khuda Haafiz

The Story of Khuda Haafiz (SPOILERS)

Khuda Haafiz opens showing Indian Embassy official I.K. Mishra (Ikhlaque Khan) visiting the detainment center of the Sultanate of Noman, a country in the Middle East. Mishra was told by the Nomani officials that a “dangerous Indian immigrant” who has created havoc in their country, has been detained. He requested the officials to allow him to meet the immigrant. When Mishra came across the immigrant, all handcuffed and sitting in the police custody, he asked him what he wanted and why he has created such havoc. The immigrant, whose name was Sameer, just answered, “Return me Nargis, and I will leave”.

Featuring Vidyut Jammwal as Sameer Chaudhary in Khuda Haafiz

Khuda Haafiz Part 1: Sameer’s Throwback

Sameer started narrating the past incidents to Mishra. The story moves to 2007 in the city of Lucknow in India where Sameer and Nargis (Shivaleeka Oberoi) got married. It was the time the Financial Crisis plagued the world and as a result, Sameer’s software business suffered and he lost all clients. He had to shut down his office. Nargis too lost her job. After several months of facing unemployment, they got an offer from an overseas employment agent named Nadeem (Vipin Sharma).

Khuda Haafiz

Annu Kapoor as Usman in Khuda Haafiz

Nadeem persuaded them by saying that this job in the Middle East country of Noman was a lifetime opportunity for both. In the financial crisis scenario, they had no option other than accept Nadeem’s offer. Nadeem arrived at Sameer’s house and told him and Nargis that Nargis has to go to Noman a few days before Sameer as her visa has been already approved and it will take another five to six days before Sameer can get his visa. Sameer, being very possessive about his wife, was reluctant to send her to a foreign land all alone but he had to give in to her request. Nadeem also consoled him by saying that Nargis is not going there alone. Several other women will be accompanying her.

Sameer and Nargis used to stay together with his parents. Sameer and his family bid farewell to Nargis at the airport. Sameer consoled her that it was only a matter of a few days and they both are going to settle in Noman after he comes there. Nargis left and after her flight landed in Noman, Sameer’s mother asked him about any update on her. He told his mother that Nargis’ Indian phone number was switched off.

Khuda Haafiz

Shiv Panditt as police officer Faiz Abu Malik in Khuda Haafiz

Suddenly, Sameer got a call from an unknown number and he heard Nargis’ voice on the other side. She cried for help and told him that she had reached some other place, instead of the location that was mentioned in her job offer, where some strangers are maltreating her. The call got cut just at that moment. The horrified Sameer looked at his mother and left the house in a panic.

Sameer immediately rushed to the recruitment agent Nadeem’s office along with the police. Nadeem told him that his wife hadn’t reached the location mentioned in her job offer and he had no idea where she went. The police took Nadeem into custody. Sameer warned him that if he didn’t get his Nomani visa by the next day, he would burn down his entire office to ashes!

Khuda Haafiz

Aahana Kumra as cop Tamena Hamid in Khuda Haafiz

Sameer’s Nomani visa got approved soon after and he landed at Noman’s airport. Outside the airport, he met a taxi driver Usman (Annu Kapoor) who offered to escort him to his desired location. The desperate Sameer asked Usman to take him to the nearest mobile store. He purchased a mobile phone and inserted his Nomani sim card in it and tried to call his wife from there. Usman was watching Sameer from outside the store. Upon seeing him desperately trying to make calls, he asked him what the matter was. Sameer told him that his wife was missing and he has come in search of her.

Usman took Sameer to the Nomani police where he asked for help. From the Nomani police station, he called the Indian police and they informed him that Nadeem had fled from the scene. The police had interrogated him and after the interrogation, he couldn’t be found anywhere! Also, the Nomani agent who was supposed to pick up Nargis from the airport couldn’t be tracked. The Nomani police thought Sameer was some crazy fellow who was cooking up stories so instead of helping him; they drove him off the police station. Sameer also approached the Indian Embassy but from there also he received no help as the head office was out of town.

Khuda Haafiz

Nawab Shah as Iztak Regini in Khuda Haafiz

Now, Sameer couldn’t wait any longer. He had to find his wife, no matter what! So, he disguised as a telecom employee and visited the telecom company’s center from whose sim card that unknown call came. The customer support executive at the center told him that the number belonged to a man named Shirazi and also gave him his address. Sameer set on his search for Shirazi who happened to live at a distance of 300 kilometers from the main city.

Upon reaching Shirazi’s address, he found out that Shirazi doesn’t live there anymore and no person had any idea of his whereabouts. So, he sought help from taxi driver Usman. He went to Usman’s home. Usman utilized his contacts to track Shirazi. It was then the horrible news came! Shirazi was a human trafficker and had sold Nargis to flesh traders at some brothel. Further news was that Shirazi got killed after doing so!

Khuda Haafiz

Nargis leaves for Noman

Sameer along with Usman started visiting brothels in Noman in search for his wife. Sameer posed as a customer along with Usman and the brothel people started showing them pictures of prostitutes. Sameer shakily started analyzing each and every picture in the hope to find his wife among them. Finally, the day came when Sameer, upon analyzing the pictures of prostitutes at a brothel, suddenly came across Nargis’ picture! He shakily showed the picture to Usman who was sitting beside him. Usman told him to calm down and requested the brothel’s in-charge that Sameer, as the “desperate” and “sex-hungry” customer, wanted “this woman” only. The brothel’s in-charge told them that “she” was busy with some other client. Sameer’s blood boiled with rage. Usman saw Sameer’s knuckles fold and signaled him to keep his calm till they bring “the woman”. He controlled himself and told the brothel’s in-charge, “I will wait till she comes”.

Sameer in the Nomani police custody

The brothel people brought Nargis to Sameer. Sameer was devastated seeing the condition of his beloved wife. She had cut marks all over her body and was completely drugged and wasted. Suddenly Nargis came to her senses and recognized Sameer. At this, the brothel in charge became familiar with the reality that Sameer had come to rescue this woman! Sameer and Usman tried to escape with the partially unconscious Nargis. At that moment, the brothel’s in-charge set his goons upon them. A horrendous fight took place where several goons were trying to separate Sameer from his wife and he was countering them holding onto her.

Finally, when they separated Sameer from Nargis and were taking her away, Sameer erupted like a volcano! He started impaling and killing the goons. He killed several of them and tried to escape with Usman in his taxi. The goons followed the injured Sameer. However, at the last moment, Usman got hit in his head by one of the goons. Sameer took the driver’s seat while escaping with the injured Usman. The goons were still following them. He drove recklessly and the taxi had an accident. They both became unconscious due to the impact.

Usman offers to help Sameer find Nargis

Khuda Haafiz Part 2: The Search Continues

The story returns to the location of the police custody. Sameer was narrating these incidents to Mishra. It was then that a Nomani police officer named Faiz Abu Malik (Shiv Panditt) entered the custody to interrogate Sameer. Mishra tried to persuade Malik that Sameer is a legal Indian citizen and he was a victim of circumstances here in Noman. Malik paid no attention to Mishra’s pleas and decided to transport Sameer to some other custody.

The brothel people bring Nargis to Sameer

While the police van was transporting Sameer and some other detainees to some other custody, Malik ordered to stop the van in the middle of the Nomani desert. Malik, being a Muslim, had stopped the van to offer his prayer “Namaz” to Allah. He also wanted to test Sameer’s honesty. So, he asked his subordinates to uncuff Sameer and made him stand free in front of the van. Malik had also kept a gun within Sameer’s reach on the bonnet of his car. Malik along with his prisoners and other police officers, all being Muslims except Sameer, sat down in a group in the middle of the desert and started their Namaz. While Sameer watched them praying with their eyes closed, he thought this was a great chance to escape!

Sameer and Usman try to escape from the brothel along with the partially unconscious Nargis

Sameer had a vision where he shoots Malik and tries to escape and then he himself got shot in the endeavor! So, he thought it wise to stay put and not try to escape. Malik and his officers along with the prisoners completed their Namaz. Malik ordered the officers to go along with the other prisoners. Now only Sameer and he was left behind. He approached Sameer and told him that he knew he was innocent and he and his team had already collected some evidence against the human traffickers who had kidnapped Nargis. He was here to help Sameer find his wife and asked him to hop onto his car.

The brothel goons try to separate Sameer from Nargis

The search for Nargis officially began as the Nomani police got involved in the matter. Sameer and Malik were joined by another cop named Tamena Hamid (Aahana Kumra) and together these three started analyzing CCTV footage of the Noman airport’s exit on the day Nargis had checked out. They came across the footage of Nargis exiting the airport and being picked up by a huge bald man in a black van! However, the CCTV footages were too hazy to reveal the identity of the man or the van’s number. The strange bald man already had an idea where the CCTVs at the airport exit were kept and was clever enough to keep his face away from the cameras. Malik threatened the airport’s security in charge that if he doesn’t identify the man and the van soon, he will lose his job.

The goons take away Nargis

Finally, the bald man was identified. It was revealed that the van was of some modeling agency and the bald man was an Algerian modeling coordinator named Iztak Regini (Nawab Shah). Sameer couldn’t believe this and told Malik how could Nargis get into a modeling van. She didn’t come to Noman for modeling work!

All of a sudden, the Nomani police got the news that a burnt dead body of a woman has been found. The woman had been burnt so severely that her corpse couldn’t be identified. Malik and Tamena took Sameer to the crime spot to identify the victim’s body. Sameer told them that the burnt corpse was not of Nargis. However, to his horror, the investigators at the crime spot pulled out Nargis’ pendant from the body! Sameer was horrified and broke down.

Watch What Happens Next: Viewer’s Discretion Is Advised!

Now with Nargis dead, Sameer had nothing to do in Noman. So the Nomani police decided to transport him back to India. But deep in his heart, he had the feeling that his wife is alive as he knew that the burnt body was not hers. He was supposed to board the plane to India but he opted out at the last moment! When the cops found out that he has not boarded the plane to India and was still in Noman, they began searching for him. Meanwhile, Malik and Tamena also learned that the burnt corpse was not Nargis’ based on the evidence they had collected.

A horrific fight endures where Sameer kills the brothel goons

Sameer seeking vengeance tracked down Iztak’s residence. He disguised himself as a high-profile escort wearing a burkha covered from top to bottom so that no part of his body is visible and people think that he is actually a woman! Iztak, being a sexual predator, had summoned an escort of his choice at his residence and was eagerly waiting for the escort to arrive. Sameer disguised as the escort in burkha arrived at Iztak residence.

As Sameer approached Iztak, he uncovered his face to reveal himself and immediately pointed a gun at Iztak. But Iztak was not ready to give in so easily! Moments after, he hit Sameer and shoved the gun out from his hands. A violent one-on-one fight between them endured. Iztak was massive and strong and had the upper hand in this fight. But Sameer somehow managed to bring him under control, tie him up and interrogate him. After a harsh interrogation where Sameer impaled Iztak in various body parts and was about to burn him down, he finally reveals that Nargis was alive and was in his parking lot.

Meanwhile, the police along with Usman were tracking Sameer. They were already outside Iztak’s residence. Suddenly, Malik along with Tamena and Usman barged inside and asked Sameer to put down the gun he was holding. Usman consoled Sameer that the police have found all evidence that his wife was alive and they are here to help him. Sameer reluctantly handed the gun to Malik.

Malik went near the tied-up Iztak and upon seeing him, Iztak gave an evil laugh and said, “Finally you came Faiz! Else this bastard would have killed me!” Sameer couldn’t believe what he just heard. Malik turned and shot Tamena in the shoulder! Malik turned out to be a traitor! He was Iztak’s ally and was working as a cop.

Sameer’s fight with Iztak; Iztak slams him into a table

Sameer knew his wife was in the parking lot as Iztak had told him. So he ran to reach the parking lot. Iztak freed himself and went behind him. Meanwhile, the injured Tamena did all her best to stop Malik but in vain! After a long one-on-one fight, Malik suffocated her to death!

Sameer was outside Iztak’s residence. He saw a huge black truck trailer and started inspecting it. From inside the trailer, he heard Nargis’ voice. She was in there along with many other women waiting to be transported to some other place. Sameer consoled her from outside the trailer and told her that he is here to take her away. Sameer took the driver’s seat and as Usman was about to board the truck along with him, he got shot in the leg by Iztak. Sameer started the truck trailer with the injured Usman sitting beside him and it wildly roared in full gear into the deserts of Noman.

Iztak is brought under control, tied up and interrogated by Sameer

Khuda Haafiz Part 3: The Rescue

The agitated Iztak almost caught up with the truck trailer. At that moment, Sameer took a sharp turn and Iztak’s vehicle collided with a huge rock. Iztak got injured and with his vehicle broken down, he quit the chase.

Meanwhile, Malik had told his higher official Commander Ghazi (Rio Kapadia) that Sameer has escaped after killing Tamena. However, I.K. Mishra was already at Ghazi’s desk with all evidence against Malik that he was the one who was involved with the human traffickers.

Sameer barged the truck trailer into Ghazi’s office premises. The guards arrested him and took him inside where Malik was waiting to shoot him. As Malik was about to shoot him, Ghazi arrived at the location and despised Malik for being a traitor. At this, Sameer got agitated and pounced upon Malik. A horrendous fight endured between the two with Sameer raising blow after blow on Malik, thus injuring him severely. Malik became unconscious after receiving such harsh blows.

Malik chokes Tamena to death as she tries to save Sameer

The lock of the truck trailer was cut open and all the women inside including Nargis were rescued. Sameer attended Tamena’s funeral. In another scene, the unconscious Malik awakens in the middle of the desert only to be shot dead by the Nomani firing squad.

The ending scene shows Sameer leaving for India along with Nargis. He met the wheelchair-bound Usman for the last time at the airport and thanked him for risking his life and helping him throughout. Usman told Sameer that it was his duty and he would like to visit India one day. Sameer invited him to come to India whenever he wanted to meet him and his family. Usman bade farewell to Sameer and Nargis by saying “Khuda Haafiz”, which is an Urdu term used for “Goodbye”.

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Tamena falls dead after getting choked by Malik

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