The return of the New York Comic Con Day 1

Day 1 of New York Comic Con 2021 is in the books! And what a day it was! It was great to return to the Jacob Javits center and commune with other fans of geek culture. The New York Comic Con this year was very lively and fun if not a bit more subdued this year.

I loved attending the show but I definitely noticed the difference in size and attendance compared to the 2019 show. Marvel, DC, and Image decided to sit out this years show or support the show with virtual panels. With their absence I noticed an abundance of space and room to walk throughout the convention floor. It was very refreshing to and relaxed to have places to walk through the floor and just see to the other side of a wide open space. The convention itself felt a lot more manageable to enjoy.

With the absence of Marvel, DC, Image and even Midtown Comics from attending the show proper it was up to the other vendors to make the most of the floor space and do they! Convention fans are greeted by a giant DBZ Oozaru Vegeta when entering the floor proper:

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