Watch BMW’s Movie ‘The Escape’ – It’s The Best Advertising Ever

So I remember seeing a car commercial that looked like a new movie coming out starring Jon Bernthal, Clive Owen and Dakota Fanning. I was highly confused as the commercial ended by saying, “watch BMW’s The Escape, online now”.

Little did I know, BMW really found a way to craft a short film with not only Hollywoods go to action director (Neill Blomkamp), but with A list stars like Jon Bernthal, Clive Owen and Dakota Fanning.

The short film spans, roughly 14 minutes, but it is much more entertaining, action packed and straight up fun than any type of commercial advertising you have ever seen.

Watch the action packed BMW thriller, The Escape:

This movie was so good that not only do I want to see more, but now I want to see Clive Owen as James Bond or some other fancy, yet brutal character who can be The Transporter and some martial artist at the same time.

I guess this is what happens when you are a billion dollar company who can get a bunch of highly acclaimed actors to work together on a short film.

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