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Yes, yes, yes…those are the words your girlfriend or wife are shouting right now. No, it’s not because of anything you did to make them utter that. The Fifty Shades of Grey trailer is finally out, so women all over the world are gasping for a little preview. As most of you are aware by now Fifty Shades is quite the book phenomenon. Just as the likes of Twilight or Harry Potter, these books have erupted on night stands in most households. Now, I won’t lie and make some assumptions that I know what this book series is all about. I do know however that it’s simply Mommy porn. Most mature older and some younger women, indulge in this stuff like chocolate.


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As far as this trailer goes, wow, does this movie look awesome! Ok, I’ll let you chuckle for a second as I am about to write the next sentence. As the NFL Monday Night Countdown crew would say, “Come on man!”. This movie looks brutal, based on what we get from the trailer. What the hell is this even about? Some average looking reporter chick getting her panties all wrapped in a bunch over this dude in a suit, with a goofy looking smile? I mean seriously, if this is supposed to be some hot, gripping, sexually charged movie at least cast some good looking actors. Word on the streets is that Ian Somerhalder is the guy most women lust for. How about Superman himself, Henry Cavill? Jensen Ackles? I mean, they should have at least polled the mommie’s who watch this stuff. Ask them who their current Hollywood boy-toy is? As far as the girl, Dakota Johnson? You mean, the daughter of Sonny Crockett? If you want sexy then you easily make a short list consisting of Felicity Jones, Emilia Clarke, Amanda Seyfried, or even Leighton Meester. Much hotter, and probably better actors. This movie looks like a box office dud, at least in the eyes of the critics. Finally, I have to ask myself, how did I get so riled up over this movie? Why do I even care?


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