Interstellar Poster is Equivalent to Looking Up at the Sky

Christopher Nolan is back at it once again. The man is known for not giving away any secrets or leaking info about his movies. This new Interstellar movie poster aids that theory. The movie is already one of the most anticipated films of 2014 (YES, that includes summer blockbusters).




Nolan will boast a slew of top Hollywood names including, Oscar winner Matthew McCounaghey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine, and Matt Damon (rumored). All these big names, yet I have no damn clue what this movie is even about?! The vague trailer, and even less bland movie poster sure don’t help the matter.  I’m guessing this movie will have a lot to do with..aliens? No surprise there.  As far as the poster goes, clear skies, loaded with stars in what it looks to be a rural area.  They might as well of just gone to any farm in Iowa and snap a longshot of two people standing in a starry summer evening.  Boring, vague, and secretive. Guess we have to wait till the fall till someone leaks an ounce of information. Cloverfield 2.0!



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One thought on “Interstellar Poster is Equivalent to Looking Up at the Sky

  1. I actually like the poster. The “From Christopher Nolan” words at the top completely look like a classic 50’s alien saucer shape and the beam of “stars” look just like it’s beaming up the silhouettes at the bottom. It’s a nice teaser poster. No big Hollywood talking heads, just a really nice graphic interpretation that keeps the buzz going.

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