Disney Acquires Star Trek Rights Plans Star Wars vs Star Trek Trilogy


It seems like Disney grows their own money trees as they continue to purchase fan favorite franchises. Now owning Marvel and Star Wars, Disney has just acquired the rights to Star Trek in a bold move. Given that J.J. Abrams has already directed the latest Star Trek films and is currently working on Star Wars, Disney felt it made sense to move forward with a collaborative project. Their plan is to release a trilogy of films that intertwine the Star Trek and Star Wars universe and put the Federation up against the Empire.


“We are excited to have finally acquired the rights to Star Trek. After recently acquiring the rights to Star Wars, we feel that we should reignite the ‘fanboy’ debate of which universe is better. We will be releasing three films surrounded around the idea of the Federation venturing into familiar Star Wars territory. We’re very excited!”


Spock and Kirk against Vader?!?!
Spock and Kirk against Vader?!?!

What kind of plot could possibly do both films justice? Will there be a victor or will it result in a tie? These are all questions that many of us and many hardcore fanboys will be asking until the day this trilogy releases. I do have faith that Abrams will do both franchises justice and honor them both in his own way but the controversy surrounding these films is going to be extremely high. Oh and one more thing…April Fools.

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16 thoughts on “Disney Acquires Star Trek Rights Plans Star Wars vs Star Trek Trilogy

  1. In a lot of star wars/star trek fan fiction the empire views anyone that has been tr!ansported as a clone of the original so they are deemed inferior. In the star wars universe clones are soldiers nothing more

  2. Star Trek takes place in the distant future within our Milky Way galaxy, Star Wars takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. So time and intergalactic traveling would be necessary for that conversation to take place, which isn’t too much of a stretch for the Star Trek series, but if it occurred in the Star Wars universe, then every Sith lord would be looking to exploit it.
    It makes for a nice April Fools joke though. :)

  3. I wouldn’t trust anybody but JJ Abrams to do both movies justice. The Star Trek movies he has done are phenomenal.I was over Star Wars when they first produced the huge series, but I think that’s the whole point to generate new interest with this exciting collaboration. You go J.J.!

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