New International trailer for The Wolverine

Fox released a new international trailer for The Wolverine, directed by James Mangold and starring Hugh Jackman. Not a lot of text came with this release other than that I had to use the YouTube embed but that’s fine. Let’s take a look:



I have to admit that that this film looks incredibly fun. I also have to admit that Days of Future Past has all but siphoned all the attention in the X-Franchise and this film seem almost superfluous in comparison. I spent some time explaining to Elliot why Wolverine losing his healing factor can make for a dynamite premise for this film. Wolverine is pretty sure he’s going to heal any wound or ailment, we know this already, and that affords him a sort of assertion to him that you may not see in other characters. Him without his healing factor can be like a drug allowing him the ability to actually feel concern about the situation he’s actually found himself in and feel a thrill. It’s not something the character is familiar with and the idea of an actual risk to a risk taker can hopefully create some entertaining cinema for this character. We’ll see what happens, that’s all for now…


Source: Fox International



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