This Iron Man 3 clip shows off an epic aerial rescue


There is less than a week remaining until we get to see Tony Stark put on the Iron Man suit once again. The clips we’ve seen so far have made the film look like it has some spectacular action and an abundance of firepower. Take a look at yet another clip below which expands upon the plane crash scene we saw earlier this year.



I am ready for this film! After seeing that clip I wanted more and wanted to see how he pulls this off. Were my ears mistaken or did Tony tell the woman that he was going to electrify her arm so that she could grab other people? I don’t know if that’s hinting at some Extremis level stuff or if it is just a function of his redesigned suit. I think I would enjoy this film if it was just a compilation of the clips I’ve seen thus far. I can’t wait! How about you all?

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