First official still of Amy Adams in Man of Steel

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It’s a little weird that I’ve been discussing this Lois Lane character in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel for what feels like forever but somehow it hasn’t dawned on me that we have yet to see an official image of Amy Adams in character. Strange. Anyway, I found an official image for the film and figured we can re-watch the trailer as well where the character made her internet debut:


I will admit that she is a quite different Lois Lane. I won’t bitch about her not being a brunette or anything but I really am more interested to find out what type of Lois will she be. Will we get the Margaret Kidder “take no nonsene” lois, or are we getting one with a bit more of the Terry Hatcher Lois Lane which was still a “take no nonsense” interpretation of the character but one that also has a bit more sass to her. Why does this matter? Because any Superman fan will tell you that Lois Lane is a huge part of the common foundation of the character and could possibly steer the franchise depending on the emphasis, or lack of, in the Man of Steel film. We’ll see…
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