Trailer: Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln”

I’m super excited about Lincoln and if you’re reading this then that’s probably because the right side of your brain is functional and you’re just as excited as I am. What’s the big deal? It’s the story about ABRAHAM LINCOLN and stars DANIEL DAY-LEWIS in the title role. That alone should excite movie aficianados to get in line to see this film right now. It’s a period piece about the life of one of the United States greatest leaders with the best actor alive today in the title role. A teaser trailer has been released to start promoting the movie and playing with our emotions and anxiety to watch this film sooner rather than later.

So little. So fleeting… but hell it still left a much better impression for an actual good film than I’ve seen in quite a while. Period pieces always resonate with me and when Steven Spielberg is involved then we can rest assure that magic will happen on screen. Put him in the directors chair with a cast like this and you can almost smell the Oscar polish surrounding this movie. What do you think about the teaser and do you plan on tuning in for the talk with Spielberg and JGL?
Via: The Film Stage

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