Trailer: Cloud Atlas

A new trailer for Cloud Atlas! Let’s rejoice and be happy because the Wachowski’s have found us worthy of bestowing upon us another video snippet for their upcoming masterpiece. I know the snark doesn’t translate well in writing but I’m being snarky. I’m having trouble with Cloud Atlas. Usually when I write I can put together some sort of enthusiasm for a project because I just happen to be the “eternal optimistic” on the site but Cloud Atlas just looks… weird. AMAZING, but weird. The imagery is a splendor and some of the makeup we’ve seen when transforming Tom Hanks and Hugh Grant is amazing but I just don’t get…idunno, “it”. A new trailer is here now and maybe it can change my perception?


Ok. That explained it a bit better. Kinda. Long, interconnected story with some slick sci-fi stuff intermingled within an overarching story that spans generations as people are re-incarnated and re-introduced with each other. Sorta. Sure, the 6 minute trailer showed all that but this was a bit more bite-size and digestible. I dig the concept but I’m more than a bit apprehensive about it being an entertaining film. I enjoy great stories but not everything can transition to film easily and I have life apprehensions with anything touched by the Wachowski’s. Smart people, I just don’t always like their work.
Cloud Atlas seems like something that I might like but it also seems like something I could easily ignore without batting an eye.

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