Karl Urban PROMISES Star Trek 2 footage at Comic-Con


Nobody was expecting Star Trek 2 anything at Comic-Con. The movie is too big to fail. They don’t even need such a nerdstravaganza for their presence to be felt so it’s a little surprising that Karl “Loose Lips” Urban is blatantly stating that there will be footage at the show. Here’s what he was quoted as saying:


I can promise you that before the end of Comic-Con, some exclusive Star Trek footage, it’s going to come out. You’re going to find it. It’s going to come out.


That’s a pretty bold statement. He’s putting his neck out there in front of his primary fanatical audience being the sci-fi market. Very interesting Mr. Urban, let’s see how this plays out…


Via: Geek Tyrant



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One thought on “Karl Urban PROMISES Star Trek 2 footage at Comic-Con

  1. Star Trek series has always been there but not often it has held its own against the George Lucas’s breath-taking and epic-like Star-Wars series.

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