Ryan Reynolds sealed the deal for Highlander reboot

Ryan Reynolds is starting to annoy me. I think the guy is talented and has a decent amount of range for an actor. He’s good looking and in great physical shape for all sorts of roles in films but my problem with the guy lately is that his films stink. I like a few of his movies rom-com or not and I’d like to see him grow into a big star and apparently so does he. He’s been attaching himself to film roles looking for that one role that will be a tentpole for him and further solidify him as a household name. Green Lantern, Deadpool, R.I.P.D., movies with Denzel and the latest attempt will be starring in the Highlander reboot.

We first heard of the possibility of Reynolds becoming the next member of the Clan MacLeod back in March when the Canadian actor emerged the front-runner for the coveted role. The “confirmation” comes from The Tracking Board who claim that negotiations are complete and that Reynolds has officially secured the gig.

Great. Role secured. What does this mean for development of the film and making it an actual reality? I’m not sure but hopefully it fares better than development on the Deadpool film. Reynolds was cast in Deadpool around the same time that he was cast in Green Lantern. I’m a little indifferent about Reynolds being cast in this film. On one hand he’s talented. On the other… a lot of his films are terrible lately. We’ll see how things go from here but as it stands right now this film is barely a blip on the radar…
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