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The Hangover 3 returning to Vegas


The first Hangover film was an unexpected grand slam R-rated comedy a few years back and managed to secure the spot as the highest grossing R-rated comedy at the time. Very impressive and it completely deserved all of the accolades awarded to the film as everything about is was top notch, unique, and completely hilarious as an adventure of 4 friends simply trying to have a good time in Vegas before a wedding. As is the rule with Hollywood there had to be a sequel that was bigger than the previous and the 2nd film took the crew to Thailand to even more outrageous adventures but seemed to play things ‘safe’ and follow the same formula used in the prior film. The third, and reportedly final, entry in the franchise will see the Wolf Pack return to Sin City and looks to shake things up with regard to the premise of the film:


“The Hangover” stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis, along with Las Vegas resident Mike Tyson, will be filming the third installment of their box-office smash series here. Just like the first film, scenes will be shot for “The Hangover, Part 3” on and off the Strip and at Caesars Palace.


Director Todd Phillips reportedly will shoot much of the new — and final — episode in Tijuana and L.A. Vegas DeLuxe has already reported that the storyline will find the boys rescuing their troubled friend from a mental hospital.


I like the idea of the Wolf Pack returning to Vegas and somewhat grouding things out because as much fun as Thailand was for them and for us to watch it just made me feel like the film lost a bit of relatability in the change of environment. Any guy can related with the ‘Let’s go to Vegas’ story but the ‘Let’s go to Thailand’ one is just a little far fetched in this econonmy. It’s on my bucket list but it’s just not practical. The additional anecdote of them team breaking out Galifianakis’ character from a mental institution evokes one question: “WTF?’


That’s a good thing…


Source: Las Vegas Sun

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