Hugh Jackman could be the Huntsman

Hugh Jackman’s schedule got a big gaping hole recently thanks to a few bad turn of events in recent weeks, and with that bring opportunity. Today we learn that Hugh could do what Viggo Mortensen wouldn’t and be Snow Whites’ Huntsman.

Source: Latino Review

At one point actor Viggo Mortensen was said to be circling around the role of the huntsman. Now that he’s dropped off from the project, Universal has their eyes on the Australian actor to fill up the slot. The other actors currently on board the production include Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen and Kristen Stewart as the fairest of them all.

I don’t like this news. I don’t like it mainly because Jackman didn’t do so well the last time he got involved in a fairytail-ish flick not spelled “X-Men”. This could be really good but I am not yet a fan of Kristen Stewart or this proposed movie. This one is on the ‘radar’ primarily out of concern.

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5 thoughts on “Hugh Jackman could be the Huntsman

  1. Cant make myself see any Twighlight flicks (caught a glimse of Sharkboy turn into a werewolf on a trailer or somethin’ but thats it) so I cant really judge Kirsten as an actress besides seeing her in Jon Favreu’s “Zathura” (Decent lil’ flick) and she was young and frozen 1/2 the time.

    This premise sounds pretty interesting.
    gettin some fairytales transformed into action style flicks of late and one I personally want to see make it is (although not technically a fairy tale) Moby Dick!

  2. …and why the evil queen so jealous? Charlize Theron is way more beautiful than Kristen Stewart. No contest here. It’s a strange kinda ironic twist…
    Personally I don’t mind Hugh Jackman as the huntsman. Give him a good character & good script. He will nails it.

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