Charice joins Here comes the Boom

Joe Rogan Kevin James is a fairly recognizable name in the U.S. thanks to sitcoms, his funny personality, and working opposite Will Smith in the film Hitch. Today we find out who that an “internationally known” will help round out the cast in his latest flick ‘Here Comes the Boom’.

Source: TMB and PeP

Earlier today, April 6, Grace Mendoza, Charice’s manager, confirmed that her ward is currently filming for her second Hollywood film…
Charice is expected to star in this action-comedy movie that will be topbilled by Mexico-born actress Salma Hayek and comedian Kevin James.
The movie is about a music teacher (played by Kevin) who becomes a mixed martial arts fighter in order to raise money that can help save his school’s music program.
Completing the cast are Henry Winkler, Joe Rogan, Bas Rutten, Alexandra Bussel, Germaine de Leon, and Shelly Desai.

I liked Kevin James in “the King of Queens”. To this day I still catch myself saying “Hey look, Doug has a new movie coming out”. I almost always enjoy seeing Salma Hayek when she decides to appear in a film, as she’s still permanently ingrained in my brain thanks to her pole diddy bop… err performance in Dogma. Charice is not as recognizable name here in the U.S. only having a few scant appearances here and there, (including Glee), but will work opposite Kevin James in his upcoming film to help generate that exposure.

I also believe that this casting mostly seems like a move to bolster the films’ international appeal but Charice will have the opportunity to sway opinions and buck the trend of those who’ve tried before her to bring their international flair into Hollywood. I don’t yet have the utmost confidence in James as a leading man but very few movies can go wrong when including Joe Rogan. He’s the man.

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58 thoughts on “Charice joins Here comes the Boom

  1. Charice has not amounted to much! Her song has had no significant awards to date. Therefore, she is very insignificant! Ask any American and they know Gangnam Style better than this midget singer of yours! Lol bwahaha!

  2. First why don’t you move out of USA and let the natives take their place…? I bet you don’t even know where you came from and who your forefather were….

  3. I’m in this movie as a “background artist” aka extra. Charice is tiny with a huge voice. Henry is a sweetheart and very kind to everyone an Tweets constantly. Selma is stunning in person. Kevin likes to goof off and tease his makeup artist. I also work with Foreign Exchange students. That’s a stereotype that Asians are quiet ! LOL
    I can tell you that Selma is very funny when she messes up her lines and snaps at the director in Spanish ! I won’t spoil the end for you :P

  4. she’s just 19…come on…and so what about great actors at their 19th?..we’ll see…as now she’s extraordinary absolutely delighted by her sympathy and soulful voice here in italy

  5. Seriously people, she can’t sing and she can’t act!! That’s not her movie!! Rodney is correct all the way! ANYONE can play her roll in that movie because it is very minor!!! These people are delusional!

    1. What the F*** are you talking Rick. Charice is the best singer in the whole wide world! And this movie has something to do with music! Everyone can play her role regardless if its a minor or major role! But can everyone sing like her? Big NO!

    2. Hi Rick! Are you kidding me about Charice can’t sing??????????? I want to put millions of question mark for this point. You’re so insecure about her. Massive Disagree with your idea “she can’t sing”. OMG! She’s considered as the most talented singer in this generation to most of musical geniuses. If you said JB can’t sing I will agree with you 100%.

      1. This what I’ve been saying all along! These delusional fans think charice is the greatest when in fact she flopped in the US! Keep your third world singer out of the USA!

      2. @Rick

        Rihanna and Taylor Swift are huge in the US, but can’t sing live for sh*t…are you saying Rihanna or Taylor is the greatest singer by your reasoning?

        btw, you’re a racist a@@hole!!! Eat sh*t!

      3. @Rick, United States looks terribly bad because of someone like you. The majority of good american suffers embarrassment abroad just because of the likes of you which is childish and insecure. Racism is pro violence. Better think twice before it happens to you.

  6. The producers will not risk jeopardizing the movie by “stunt casting”.
    There’s too much money involved. Charice spent three months in Boston
    making the movie…not exactly a small part. She passed the audition
    with flying colors—not bad for just a singer.

      1. who cares if she plays a minor role in this movie..?? what counts most is she’s a part of it.. and for that, i think she has also the right to claim the movie as hers.. :)))

        just give her the chance to show her talent in acting.. she,s talented.. thats it!! XD

  7. Let’s give this young very talented lady a chance in acting. The few minutes of her GLEE appearance didn’t give the viewers enough basis to assess her acting talent.

  8. Why was Charice cast in these roles, Glee and Here Comes The Boom?
    Glee – choir, music, singing, singer–> Charice
    HCTB – lead trying to save school’s music dept; music, choir, singing, singer–> Charice
    In my opinion, it is better to cast a good singer to act out a singing part than an actor just acting out singing. Her role maybe minor but the production maybe wanting to capitalize more on the singing part of the role. To justify the plot and lead role’s goal. Thus they need a great voice, and Charice was eventually casted.
    And maybe, this will make her an actress.

    1. i love charice and casting her in this movie proves that she has potential to be an actress! and the movie has something to do with singing, its not like she’s gona do a hard core drama flick!

  9. Let’s just wait for the movie… but no matter what happened I’m still proud for Charice. She has so many talents and she already achieved so many things at her early age. One of the good qualiies of Charice that we should also learn is to be humble enough. Common Charice doesn’t even know how to give a negative comments or negative opinion to other people. Give her a break.

  10. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion. You don’t have to agree with mine or Rodney’s but we can’t change yours anymore than you can change ours.

    I applaud your contribution as I’m sure everyone here loves to see more input from readers and I hope to see the same passion in other topics on this site.

    1. Healthy debates are what it’s all about …regardless of which side of the fence you’re on.

      …as for passion in other topics on this site? …well let’s just say all other topics don’t have Charice in them – Charice fans are the epitome of loyal fandom passion …I’m one of them :) ~ Peace.

        1. And I hope you change your mind as well about Charice’s name being unrecognizable. Bet you never thought you’d get this much response to your article about her.

          1. I said she was not as recognizable in the United States but placed emphasis on her as an international celebrity, which is very true. I understand that you are very much familiar with the young woman but I’d never heard of her until the day I wrote this post partly because I don’t typically watch the Oprah Winfree show or Glee.

            And I always hope for passionate fans to come along and comment.

  11. If Charice is a great singer, as I believe she is, logic tells me that she can act as well. I’d be hard-pressed to think otherwise because to sing great, you have to feel the lyrics in every song. Equally, to act, you have know the proper emotions called for in a script.

    1. Nobody’s saying they’re not willing to give her a chance. I believe the moral of the story is that not every singer can act.

      I think Mariah Carey has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard but I don’t think her performances in movies are great. On the other side I used to love Whitney Houston in singing and acting but that might not hold up either.

      Let’s wait and see….

  12. Just so you know, Charice is the first Asian to enter the top 10 of billboard 200 charts. I’m sure Oprah (Charice’s Godmother) will help in promoting this film. Don’t you ever underestimate the most powerful woman in the world. By the way, what’s with the correct movie opinions? Since when did an opinion become wrong? It’s an opinion! duh! Make a new one, ok?

    1. Opinions are never wrong and I didn’t say you couldn’t like Charice.

      But casting her in this film in a minor role is not going to suddenly put this film over the top and change its outcome.

      1. just give people benefit of the doubt, actors you know today started from no where and this is one of those. dont criticise yet you havent seen her act!

  13. I don’t see anything wrong about including charice in the cast. In the first place, charice is well known internationally, if not much in US at least all around asia. Charice is an awesome and extremely talented singer with amazing voice. I’m sure she is fitted in that movie and Im sure the movie will be a big hit like Glee on its Season 2 premiere!

    1. Glee is already hot, and having her make an appearance didn’t boost its premier. Scads of Glee fans were tuning in to that episode regardless of who was on it.

      She was a nice addition, and her singing is awesome. I just didn’t buy her as an actor.

      1. Agree w U on all Points.

        Glee is already Hot… it just became hotter when they added Sunshine to the mix. It stirred up Rachel’s character, though not to the satisfaction of all.
        Charice brought people who’d otherwise not watch Glee. Her fanbase spans the whole age bracket, from womb to tomb, as I jokingly calls it. :)

        With regards to acting, Charice may not be a “full actor” yet, but with time and training, she’ll get there. This i firmly believe.

  14. greatness always comes with experience. how will charice harness her talent if she won’t be given opportunities? the fact that she was casted in the movie just means she passed the audition requirements. charice will be a great actress, as she is a great singer. and i believe she did well in her glee episode.

    1. And I love the Barenaked Ladies. But if they were staring in a movie, I would still criticize the fact that they are not actors.

      Best live show I have ever seen, and amazing musicians, but not actors.

      1. It wont make or break…True.
        But you can’t deny Charice has a strong global fanbase. And sales is what counts. It still matters, even if it is not that big.
        Same with Kevin James. They say he is not lead material, more apt ot be a sidekick or in a duo. But Paul Blart raked it in in the cinemas.
        Better wait till showing. PeaceV

  15. how do you define talent? when charise opens her mouth and sing, i think thats talent at its finest. she’s humble and kind and working hard to earn every penny she gets with her talent. you can learn a thing or two from the kid.

      1. (Mr) Rodney, agree with you in as far as inclusion of Charice making or breaking this film. I might even agree that you are a great graphics designer, without knowing if you are or not, but to opine based on one appearance might be a stretch. I would hope that she was casted based on whatever she may be able to contribut to the film and not merely as you term it “casting this singer in this movie is because she is a singer… not an actor”. BTW, have you tried to ACT, seems like you’d be great at it:).

      2. Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn’t act, too. I still enjoyed him immensely since I’m a fan of his. I’ve seen plenty of professional ‘actors’ in movies who are definitely worse of an actor than Charice. For a singer, Charice can act well enough for me. I’m so looking forward to seeing her.

      3. A lot of artists both sing and act, and just because charice hasn’t had the chance to act, doesn’t mean she can’t. I think its too early to say, really.

        Also, if the speculations about who her character is turns out to be true, you’d need a pretty good singer to pull it off….I’m sorry, but even the greatest teacher will probably not suddenly take up mixed martial arts for SOMEONE WHO CAN’T CARRY A TUNE…

      4. I don’t know that “playing yourself” in a movie about yourself counts as acting.

        Same could be said of Eminem who starred in a movie about a rapper that was exactly the same as the guy playing him.

  16. Didn’t they just boot her of American Idol last week?

    LOL (just kidding)

    DONT FORGET:Salma was also mad sexy in From Dusk till Dawn, if you pause the movie at the right spot you can see her lovely ASSets. :)

    Joe Rogan still gettin’ gigs?


    News Radio seems like yesterday

  17. Charice, is kind of a big deal… Its sad most americans don’t know who she is. She’s almost huge around the world. Almost Celine Dion status, not there yet, but getting there…

    Im a big fan… tehehehe………. I like Kevin James. Its definitely time for the big guys to get their turn in Hollywood.

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