William Fichtner might be in Elysium

There are few character actors I appreciate more than William Fichtner. He’s not a leading man of any sort but he does have a habit of delivering borderline outstanding performances when given the opportunity. Today we learn that he might be joining Matt Damon and company in Neil Blomkamps flick Elysium.

Source: Variety

William Fichtner is in final negotiations to re-team with his “Contact” co-star Jodie Foster in Neill Blomkamp’s sci-fi epic “Elysium.”…
…While Fichtner’s role remains unclear, thesp is known as one of Hollywood’s more prolific character actors.

I like this guy a lot. I really began to take notice of the guy from his performances in Prison Break as his character went through multiple transformations throughout the series. I like this casting because Blomkamp is giving me the impression that he’s purposely casting actors with a particular type of range which inadvertently raises this movie higher on my ‘radar’. I’m growing increasingly interested in more news about this one…

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8 thoughts on “William Fichtner might be in Elysium

  1. Umm, pretty sure Buffalo is awesome. We invented chicken wings. So, you know, there’s that. And no one loves its sports like we do. Any other city would have just given up by now!

    But yeah, William Fichtner is all kinds of awesome, and a proud son of Buffalo/Cheektowaga!

  2. Whoh! BUffalo is beast-mode

    Don’t ever hate on buffalo movie blog, speaking of which Henry’s Crime was just filmed there, not sure how the film is but i am sure the shots are great.

    1. Miami Dolphins in da house!!!

      Buffalo’s cool just playin’

      This guy is always good as posted above.
      He kinda looks like Peter Weller! Robocop Casting Agents: Look at this guy

      1. Cheektowaga is a suburb of Buffalo, it’s much easier to say Buffalo when trying to describe where someone is from. Cheektowaga is literally about 10 driving minutes away from Buffalo.

        Anyways… William Fichtner is great.

        Buffalo represent!

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