Saw 3D Trailer Online

In what promises to be the last of the Saw films, Saw 7 is being marketed simply as Saw 3D.

And now thanks to Comic Con, we get the first Trailer released for the film.

I was never a fan of the Saw films. The “game” lost its suspense and appeal on me. But the franchse has its fanbase that want the loose ends of the story tied up.

They say this is it. Until it isn’t it.

But I have to admit, the 3D poster is pretty freaky. Check out the finer details of the “splatter” coming out of the eye. Pretty amazing.

Saw3D Website has the motion poster too.

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6 thoughts on “Saw 3D Trailer Online

  1. also jill doesnt look like she has the upper hand any more uh oh i definately want to watch the movie now i heard this is saw 7 and 8 combined hope they dont rush the flashbacks i love them

  2. I am pretty sure Gordon has been helping john or being forced to see jigsaw tape at begining of saw 2 the guy with hood limps on his right leg. also anyone know who jill is delivering “the yellow package” to i think doctor Heffner.

  3. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So excited. I’ve mentioned it a few times (albeit, mainly just to agree with haters that the franchise has kind of gotten ridiculous) that I’m a HUGE fan, so of course I’m amped to see the conclusion to – in my opinion – one of the best horror franchise’ to date.

    One of the scenes that caught my eye particularly was the guy with the saw blade in a store, but the public is watching from on the other side of a glass wall. I find that kind of disturbing, being forced to fight for survival with the public literally right behind me. Epic.

    Count me in.

  4. Did i just see Chester Bennington?
    Lead singer from Linkin Park?
    Awesome :) Count me in for this movie!!

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