Monster High gets Big Screen Adaptation

Since Bratz was not creepy enough, they have decided to make the literal highschool awkwardness and mix it up with myth to create Monster High. And now the animated series will be adapted live action style to the big screen by Smallville producers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar.

Ramascreen shares:

Alfred Gough and Miles Millar are developing MONSTER HIGH the movie for Universal Pictures. They will write the script for the live action musical movie described as Beetlejuice meets The Addams Family and it will feature “famous monsters including Dracula, Frankenstein and the Wolfman undergoing the trials and tribulations of high school.”

As a TV series, it has that style that is used in a lot of the teen hipster highschool light-angst shows.

But handled right ANYTHING can be good, so lets hope this doesn’t turn into another Bratz film.

And because most of you are not 14, here’s a peek at the animated series:

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54 thoughts on “Monster High gets Big Screen Adaptation

  1. i think it would be great if u made monster high a movie. its a fun story that i think is loveable in every single way. it a great book 4 now, but it would make everything better if it was a movie. so i hope to see the movie if u make one.

  2. Hi Everyone! Just here with an update! I heard that the movie will be coming out some time later this year (summer)! I can sooo not wait! Freaky Fab!

  3. i LOVE monster high but i can not find the movie. i’m such a big fan,to prove it i have 12 monster high dolls, 1 monster high backpack,4 mini diary’s,2 life size monster high diary’s,2 monster high how to survive … books,and all 3 monster high books. that is how much i love monster high!

  4. I am 25 years old and I always loved things like Tim Burton the night before Christmas or like the movie coraline and now monster high is here and there are a lot of people out there like me who are bitting their finger nails waiting to enjoy a good movie or cartoon series of monster high. So come on please make it happen. Thank you

  5. I am both excited and aprehensive about this idea of making a live action of Monster High. Mostly because I love the dolls, the cute animated series and books, and I don’t want to see it butchered. On the bright side, if they do make it well then it will surely be amazing! All in all, I can’t wait to see what they do with Monster High and even more excited to see Jackson, DJ and Frankie on the big screen :) good luck MH!

  6. A Monster High movie sounds cool but please throw a homage to the Mean Girls Burn Book Riot scene with a bit of gore . Draculaura finally unleashes her anger biting classmates , Ghoulia ripping off limbs and Clawdeen mauling others in the hallway but the wounded monster students still live since it’s for morbid comic effect.

  7. im totally x-cited about the movie. i have been waitin on it since i heard about it in september. i just hope they dont change too much about the characters or storyline, or hire actors that don’t fit the character.
    hey mh, we are counting on ya to hire awesome people! i heart you! bye!
    p.s. im so with u, cecilia! i was POSITIVELY obsessed since i first heard a rumor online in MAY! i do have the book and the original frankie doll but i sooo want more merchandise. (too bad most of the stuff is only sold in the u.s. right now)

  8. I’m not sure if I’ll like it being made into a live action film. I like the animated version. I have all the dolls and really love them a lot they fill up my room and make it so me. Mattle did a really wonderful job making these dolls.

  9. Hi I’m 12, I love the dolls!! I watch Monster High on nickelodeon put you can watch clips on Monster High website. I never knew there was I film though!! :) Got to watch it!!

  10. Yes I am obsessed with monster high since it started, and this is like a miracle for me. Although I’ve never gotten any of the monster high products yet, I’ve been pretty sensitive about it. So this I am excited about! XOXO!

  11. I didn’t know about this until today. I was searching for more information on one of my favorite new artists, Allison Iraheta(A Rock Chick), and somewhere it said one of her songs will be in this movie. Now I am so excited! It video above looks good, and I think the movie will be great.

  12. How much is it?
    and i think this is awsm, i suppose it’s because i liked bratz Lol but i hope its not a rip off! does any1 know what channel it’s on? or is it not on anymore???

  13. I think Adrian L. means Rosario + Vampire. I see the similarities but I think they’ll be pretty different cause Rosario + Vampire mainly focuses on the two characters, one who has part of herself trapped away only to be released by this guy whenever they get attacked. Hopefully it comes out okay.

  14. mhhhh, i don’t know why im commenting on this but all i want to say is that this is a total rip off from this manga called Rosario Stone. Just saying.

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