Judge Dredd film finds Funding

In the category of “You couldn’t do worse” there has been a Judge Dredd script floating around and now its closer to becoming a real movie now that they have found funding!

Cinemablend says:

Deadline says DNA Films has made a deal with Reliance Big Entertainment and IM Global to finance a new, 3D Judge Dredd movie based on Garland’s script. Pete Travis, probably best known for the better than you’d think movie Vantage Point will direct.

For those who don’t already know, Judge Dredd is a dystopian future story where the law has been condensed to a super efficient patrol of Judges instead of cops. They had the ability to arrest, judge and sentence (often death by firearm) on the spot.

While they boast that this will be closer to the very graphic comic book instead of the technocolour Sly Stallone stinker, I don’t know that it is a benefit.

I read some of the original Dredd series back in its glory days of print and was never that impressed.

Maybe a film would be better. I don’t know.

Might have to loose the hokey costume first.

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3 thoughts on “Judge Dredd film finds Funding

  1. Dude Armand Asanti as his evil TWIN Brother! The first is beyond a guilty pleasure It is B action movie gold. I grew up on these cheese films and I miss them so so much. This movie is up there with They Live.

  2. as long as rob schneider’s in I’ll be there!


    the first was a guily pleasure at the time, now it’s kinda laughable BUT, lets find out

  3. There used to be a podcast or radio feed of Judge Dredd comics/stories, sort of like a radio show. Came on Live365.com. it was the corniest thing I’ve ever heard. Loved to listen to it just to make fun of it.

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