Brittany Murphy Passes Away

Rumors were reported earlier today that actress Brittany Murphy had died, and sadly those rumors have been confirmed. Britney Murphy was 32 years old.

There are reports that 911 was called when Murphy suffered cardiac arrest and died in hospital. No other official information is available at this moment.

Murphy appeared in such films as Don’t Say A Word, Clueless, 8 Mile, Sin City and others.

On a slightly personal note… I’ve met Murphy on a couple of occasions… I obviously didn’t “know” her at all… but whenever I met her she always came across as very “real”, very sweet and very personable.


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23 thoughts on “Brittany Murphy Passes Away

  1. Damn, that just sucks, poor girl. I’ve always though she was a cool actress. Loved her in Sin City and 8 Mile.

    She was so young, to die of a heart attack at that age is just crazy to me. Very scary, I’m 30 myself. But guessing she already had some heart problems to begin with.

    Well, R.I.P. Brittany Murphy, you’ll be mist.

    She was also the voice of Luanne from King of the Hill, which she was also great as.

  2. It was a big shock when I saw the news start appearing, she was too young and talented to die. My thoughts go out to her friends and family.

    It certainly puts life into perspective and that it can end when you least expect it.

  3. shit man ! i am not a big fan of her but she’s a great person whenever she acts !!!!
    The one with ashon Kutcher she was really sweet !!!

    Why can’t it be Lindsay Lohan :@

  4. My condolences to her friends and family.

    While her character was primarily for additional spunky comic relief, she helped make the DTV action flick “Drive” all the more watchable. I also liked her in ‘8 Mile’ and ‘Sin City’.

  5. This is such a tragedy, she was such an underrated actress. She was such a easy, pleasure to watch. For me she made a huge impact, I remember her performance in girl, interupted. It was little but it was so good. Her character always has stuck in mind. Driving in cars with boys I personally thought she outshone drew barrymore. Bless her soul. I was so looking forward to her debut album aswel. Ill crank faster kill pussycat in her memory. What a divine woman. I’ll miss her.

  6. Totally shocking and didn’t see it coming moment when I first read this sad news. I always like her as an actress since Clueless and Driven, then 8 Miles, Sin City and Happy Feet. Also, I’m about the same age as her too! (scary sad thinking)
    Rest in Peace….

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