Bill Birch Talks Shazam!

The Captain Marvel movie might be stalled in the eternal limbo of “who’s next?” in the comic book movie world, but Shazam scribe Bill Birch got talking about the project just hinting at the feel of his treatment.

JoBlo quotes:

” The way the story is shaking out, Geoff and I see this not as “dark” as Dark Knight
but definitely as cool. It’ll probably end up with a PG-13 rating. Tonally I think it’s important to successfully find the balance of comedy
and danger in the story. That’s a major aspect I’m focusing on. Frankly hitting the right tone is what’s going to either get this made or keep it in development hell.”

So…PG13… Does that mean Disney’s new protege Dwayne Johnson will indeed appear as Black Adam like it’s been rumored for a long time? “I know that Pete Segal and Dwayne have a relationship that was solidified when Pete directed Get Smart. As far as him being committed? I’m sure it’ll all depend on the script. That being the case I don’t write with anyone in mind.”

In a complete twist, a movie is attempting to identify just how cool it will be despite it not being dark? Very dangerous ground there!

I honestly don’t see this landing on the radar as more than talk for a long while to come, which is a shame. Shazam is certainly a story I think could happen, and WB/Dc needs a hit that isn’t Batman. I don’t think they will find that hit with Lobo, but they certainly are headed the right way with Green Lantern.

If Lantern is a hit, I could see this getting closer to reality.

And I think that Dwayne Johnson was BORN to play Black Adam. Even before Johnson was a celebrity they drew Black Adam to look just like they knew what he would one day look like.

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7 thoughts on “Bill Birch Talks Shazam!

  1. Used to watch the T.V. version and it stuck w/ me a long time.. Now I’m mostly a Marvel guy, so is it Shazam or is it Capt. Marvel or mr marvel.. or something? I just remember Shazam!

    and also It shouldn’t be “dark”. The Dark Knight was “DARK” because of the Frank Millar Novel and was it was the dark knight and has his signature “dark” vision…

    Besides looking back now after all the aculades and hype and of course box office reciepts, how re-watchable is Dark Knight anyway?

    really the only thing that made me watch again was the joker… Heath’s performance was hypnotizing. the rest was basically a Great action film, solid story, and happend to have Batman in it..

  2. Been Waiting like forever for news about the movie to get going for a little more than a long while now, hope they keep it coming and actually start filming the whole damn movie and shut us fanboys up!

  3. Its hard to get excited about something that probably will never be made. By the time its made Dwayne Johnson will probably be too old to even play Black Adam.

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