Todd McFarlane Wants Leonardo DiCaprio For New Spawn Movie

You can find this one filed under “yeah buddy…. keep dreaming”. It was announced a while ago that Spawn creator, Todd Mcfarlane was working on bringing his most famous character back to the big screen. Rebooting it rather than doing a sequel. That’s pretty cool.

But today he mentioned who he’s got in mind to be in Spawn. Leonardo DiCaprio.

The good folks over at MTV give us this:

“As for the character he envisions DiCaprio playing in the film, McFarlane hinted that it wouldn’t be either of the two detectives “Spawn” fans have come to know best — possibly due to some other Hollywood project with their names on it.

“We had Sam and Twitch in the book, but because of some of the stuff I’m trying to sell in Hollywood, we might have to change the characters a bit,” explained McFarlane. “But it would still be a police character who’s chasing down a case and in the middle of this ‘Godfather’-type movie, something weird is out there and no one knows about it except him and a few other people.”

No don’t get me wrong, I’d very much like to see someone of Leo’s caliber jump on a project like this one. But let’s face it, it ain’t gonna happen. No way, no how. Not ever. You will not see Leonardo DiCaprio in a Spawn movie. Period. And don’t forget… I’m the guy who predicted that the Halo movie was going to fold (ummmm… but John… aren’t you also the guys who predicted for years that there wasn’t going to be another Indiana Jones movie?). SHUT UP!!!!

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34 thoughts on “Todd McFarlane Wants Leonardo DiCaprio For New Spawn Movie

  1. I think a spawn movie is great….getting leo….maybe as one of the detectives i could see……I mean in the departed leo was great….I loved that movie….and im not a fan of leo by any means…….but i enjoyed teh departed…oops getting off topic….back to spawn…I love the comic book series, and with Todd getting back on board with the comics last year was great….with issue 185…amazing……..I dont know if anyone has read any of the end game but its outstanding…..maybe they can go with that story line on the new movie i dont know…but at the same time i like al simmons as spawn. But the first movie, allthough it followed really closely to the comics, it wasnt that great, but it was filmed in the mid 90s, gotto remember that. So bad acting was involved yes, but i think the clown(John Leguizamo..sp?) was amazing, and Michael Jai White(al simmons/spawn) was pretty good as well…….but whoever commented they think will smith should play spawn…thats just nutso…..I think a good actor to play spawn(if it were al simmons spawn anyways) would be someone like Kevin Grevioux(raze, Underworld series) that would be good to be honest. But I do like the ideas ive been hearing about the new spawn movie, I must go i have spoken way to much. Hope this has been a good insight for you all.

  2. this is a chance for an r-rated batman, just like spawn: the animated HBO series

    (it featured some of the talent who worked on the 90’s batman animated series)

  3. Since we’re talking about him, I have to ask: What happened to Leonardo DiCaprio? When did he turn into such a self-righteous, pretentious douchebag? Was it all the time that he spends with Tobey Maguire? Was it his desperate need for people to see him as a “serious” actor and not just a pretty boy? What HAPPENED to him? I have never seen an actor lose so many fans and goodwill as quickly as him.

    Now, I’m not saying the guy is a bad actor, but he comes across as a massive tool now. His box office is hit and miss, he has no appeal to broad audiences, and he oozes douche every time I see him. Ugh!

  4. I think Todd is going to have to sell his McGuire’s
    70th home run baseball to even be able to afford Leo’s salary demands. Other than that I wish him luck trying to convince him to do a Spawn movie.

    1. The money isn’t a problem, the man is a millionaire. He’s one of the most successful multi entertainment artists/story tellers there ever was.

      I personally just don’t think Leo would fit in a Spawn film and for that, shouldn’t do it. I can’t figure out why McFarlane thinks he’d be good for it at all, other then the fact that he’s a big name.

      But if he does end up getting Leo somehow, because it does end up that he fits well for the story McFarlane is going for, I’ll be laughing my ass off for the post John makes for it. ;P

  5. I liked the original spawn movie. A reboot is fine for me. Only problem is that it isn’t 20 years old. I would rather see the AL Simmons spawn. I thought Micheal Jai White did a decent job but maybe some like Will Smith as Spawn.

  6. I’ve got the Spawn logo tatted on my arm and hate how when someone sees it they always start talking about the crappy movie and not the comic books so please if you’re gonna reboot Spawn do it some justice.

  7. The first Spawn movie was SOOOO bad.. really pissed me off that I wasted 2ish hours of my time, and I saw it for FREE!!!! I hope any remake is better than the first movie. No way on getting Leo but the story (from John’s post) sounds like a cheap cop movie anyway so this might be as bad as the first. I hope McFarlane just keeps making wonderful toys@!!!!

  8. 1) I love Spwan (the movie sucked) they should remake it

    2) The whole planet knows about halo, everyones even doing jokes about it…but i still dont get it! lol
    Is a halo movie going to happen?
    I thought peter jackson was on it right now

    3)Leo as Spawn…not only will it never happen but its not a good fit, ive always liked the guy that played scarecrow in TDK as spawn
    Or the frost nixon guy that plays a werewolf in underworld

    1. I think he’s saying he wants DiCaprio for the role of Sam or Twitch, not Spawn himself. Which still, he doesn’t fit the part for those two either. *shrugs*

  9. I am SO for a new Spawn movie to get made, I think all of us fans can agree that it is LONG over due. However, I don’t think Leonardo DiCaprio would be right for the film, whether McFarlane can get him or not. Not that I can’t see DiCaprio in a comic book movie, I totally still think he’d make an awesome Capt. America, but just not good for a dark supernatural comic movie, like Spawn.

    And I really don’t see him as Sam or Twitch, for damn sure.

    As for it being a mostly detective type of story, with Spawn thrown in like some kind of vampire that lurks in the shadows? I can see it working as a kind of introduction film to the character(s) and the world of Spawn for those who aren’t failure with the comics. I read a couple years back this was McFarland’s plan for the new film, a kind of Se7en meets Spawn type of premise.

    I can see it turning out awesome, but my only main concern at the moment would be just how much of a “thing in the shadows” will Spawn be. Will he have many lines, how much screen time will Spawn get and any of the other supernatural characters from the comics, which ever ones are chosen to be in it? And will Clown make an appearance, let alone be the main villain? Also will it get at all into just how Al Simmons got to be Spawn and all the other things that have led up to him becoming such a tortured soul, assuming it’s even going to be about the Al Simmons Spawn?

    I suppose allot of Spawn’s story can be saved for the sequel, but the thing that makes the Spawn series so compelling is all the heart breaking and amazing things that have happened to him in both life and death.

    Then, after the first one does well, amusing it turns out to be a good movie in the first place, make part 2 much more action oriented, and bigger budget, with a big, gun toting, power house villain like Overt-kill, Cy-Gor, or even The Creech. And have Spawn have to turn to his commando ways of fighting from his human life to take him out. OR something along those lines.

    Bottom line is, if in the right hands, a Spawn movie series can be one of the most genre binding movie series’ ever and one of the be series’ period. The comics are already there, just gotta figure out how to properly transfer them to film.

  10. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  11. It would be more interesting to see Leo in a comic book film as a villain than a hero.

    Like for instance, if “Inception” really is the fake title of Batman 3, Leo could be the Riddler or or someone else. Just a thought. Hmmmm…..

    1. I agree 100% with this lol-statement. Mcfarlane had one of the best characters to come along in a good while,in my opinion, spawn started out kind of weak, it did get better as Mcfarlane became a better story teller. The man had a good idea and for what ever reason let it go to crap. Later on, which was probably the best thing that he could have done, he all but handed it over to other artists and writers, and though it took a few years they were able to turn spawn into what it should have always been; a bad ass kicking book.

  12. I was hoping for something that was more reminiscent of the three part “Dark Future” story line that opened the Curse of the Spawn series.

    Either that or what they started in issue 22 (and never finished!)of the Curse of the Spawn series with the story of Zombie Spawn ruling over New York in a very apocalyptic future. That would be a cool movie to see…or a Medieval Spawn movie (alla Underworld Rise of the Lycans)

  13. honestly i don’t want a Spawn movie that’s a low budget detective story. I want a big budget action movie with lots of special effects and explosions.
    He’s already upset me with his decision to make this a detective story.

  14. Well I love to see another Spawn film. I also like to see Mc Farlane take control so if the film is a flop he got no one to blame. But, I agree Leo is hitting his high marks right now so for him to take this kinda role is highly unlikely. But I love Legezamo to play clown again he was great.

    1. I dont like Dicaprio myself but your statement is wrong. I have read that he is a big comic fan/nerd and he also has some involvement in the live action remake of “Akira” which was a brilliant anime. Not saying that project will ever happen either, but it was out there.

    1. Actually, after the massive story arc that culminated in issue 150, Al Simmons, the original Spawn was killed and a new body, a young boy now carries the mantle as Spawn and he’s not black.

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