Denzel Washington And Will Smith Together For A Comedy?

You couldn’t name too many actors today that have earned more respect in this industry than Denzel Washington. You also couldn’t name too many… strike that… ANY actors who are a bigger box office draw today than Will Smith. So why not have the two of them in a movie together? That apparently seems to be in the works.

In a recent interview, Denzel was asked what else he’d like to do (he’s got The Taking of Pelham 123 coming out this week) and he dropped the word that Will Smith was currently working on a comedy for the two of them to do together. Well… not a “comedy” per se, but Washington did say it had “lots of laughs”.

Look, I don’t think Will Smith is in the top 20 actors list or anything, but I’ve got to admit that when he’s in his element I find him to be a pretty entertaining dude to watch. And as far as Washington goes… does anything really need to be said?

So yes… if this turns out to be true, I’d totally be down for it.

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21 thoughts on “Denzel Washington And Will Smith Together For A Comedy?

  1. Wait a minute – I had been hearing rumors forever about Denzel blowing off a project about Ananci the Spider…why take the step away from a proven crowd-pleaser if he’s about comedy projects?

  2. OOPS! Sorry about the double post….

    Will is a great entertainer and Denzel is a great actor. I don’t see how someone could claim they’re overrated. Denzel has the Oscars to prove his acting chops and Will is the #1 box office draw, because people enjoy his movies. No one compares Smith to Daniel Day-Lewis, Russell Crowe or Anthony Hopkins. The dude simply makes fun movies that people want to see. How can that be overrated? And neither has made a “Black Comedy” or “Black Humor” in quite some time if ever, hence their cross over appeal.

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  4. I know everyone has their opinion, but Denzel and Will overrated. I might give you Will Smith, but C’mon. I mean Denzel is probably one of the best actors of our time. Damn there I go overrating him again. But seriously, Guys a great actor. When he has great material he rises to that material. Even when he has shitty material he rises above it making it a somewhat entertaining film. And let’s be real certain factors prevent Denzel from working with the great directors of our time. I mean I don’t want to play the race card but Scorcese, Spielberg, Soderbergh, etc. are not doing a lot of movies with blacks as their leads. Some of it is material wouldn’t call for it and some of it is prob the studio wouldn’t feel comfortable with it. Rather have Brad Pitt, Dicaprio, Clooney, or Wahlburg. But the funny thing is Will Smith and Denzel’s movies prob have made more cash then all the above I just mentionend combined. I’m just saying.

    1. Oh, please don’t use that word. You’re only saying that because of certain articles you’ve read or people you’ve talked to who have given these actors high praise. What you experience is hardly the case universally, so it’s always better to be more specific. Bring up the writer of the article you read or the friend you talked to, because as you get into detail it will better make your point. Otherwise, you shouldn’t bother.

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