Tom Cruise And JJ Abrams Working On Mission Impossible 4

In general I like the Mission Impossible franchise. No, I wasn’t a fan of the second one at all, but the first one was quite smart in my opinion and the third one was probably the best of the franchise. The third one was of course directed by JJ Abrams who is insanely hot right now with the major success of Star Trek.

Tom Cruise is on a bit of a resurgence too with his wildly popular role in Tropic Thunder. And now it appears that the two of them have been talking about Mission Impossible 4 together. Tom Cruise (who is also the producer of the franchise) had already publically stated that he’d like JJ back from MI4, and recently Abrams said the following:

I am incredibly honored that Tom has invited me back as a producer on ‘Mission Impossible 4′…Tom and I have come up with a really cool idea we are pursuing.

So while no official green light has been given to anything, I think it’s safe to say at this point that we’ll see Cruise and Abrams together again for MI4. And personally… I’m looking forward to it if it happens. (source: screencrave)

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30 thoughts on “Tom Cruise And JJ Abrams Working On Mission Impossible 4

  1. Mission Impossible – Good, but the plot was incredibly difficult to follow and understand. I still can’t tell you what happened.

    Mission Impossible 2 – Passable action movie.

    Mission Impossible 3 – Slightly above average action movie. Nothing terrible, nothing great or remarkable apart from Philip Seymour Hoffman.

    J.J. Abrams is a GOOD director, not at all great, but I can see some interesting things with him and this franchise.

  2. This will never happen but they should get Joe Carnahan back and direct MI:4. I can’t wait for his A-Team with Neeson and B Coop as Faceman. His MI:3 would have kicked ass.

  3. To me the 2nd was an ok movie, but certainly not a M:I movie, the whole john Woo slow motion thing really messed it up for me. The 3rd was my fav, it was on point. If JJ is involved with it, sign me up, right now the man is the hottest thing to hit the streets since microwave popcorn

  4. MI:1 was very entertaining. Good epionage action film. The best of the trilogy. I hate it when people say they got confused by the plot and story. It is very simple they are after the Noc List. They need to get it back to protect the identies of their agents. The twist with Jon Voight, the girl, and Jean Reno being the bad guys is kick ass.

    MI:2 Story was crap. A few good action scenes.

    MI:3 A level above MI:2. Overall good action movie. The only problem I had with it was it felt like Alias the Movie without Sydney Bristow.

  5. I liked them all. This one will prolly be about the rabits foot…if they stay faithful to the last scene of the 3rd one

    Whens this guy going to retire for good?

  6. J.J Abrams only directed 2 movies and everybody let him sound like god. I think he is a terrific director but he should at least do some more movies than only produce the bloody things. Make the second Cloverfield, direct M.I 4, make another Star Trek. He has got 20 movies standing on IMDB and no there are no real works attached to it, of that i get a little bit sick and tired.

    1. Ya, but he does write almost everything he does or he’s directing. He even writes allot of episodes for his series’. The man is just a creative genius.

      I too would like to see him direct more, however, with all the writing, it’s no wonder he doesn’t direct more often. As long as he keeps writing and coming up with new ideas like a mad man, I am more then happy for it.

  7. since we all seem to be voting how we feel about each…

    the first was a bit too overblown in regards to twists and betrayals. Although all of the principle actors did great jobs, especially Ving Rhames, Jean Reno and Jon Voight.

    The second was ok, but Dougray Scott is horrible.
    Woo did OK, but please grow a bit will ya?

    and the third was between the two, with too much running for me, and it felt a bit contrived to have Ethan be getting married to Michelle Monaghan, although Phillip Seymour Hoffman was great, I would love to see him as a villain again soon.

    The Macguffins in these movies need to make more sense.

    And finally, I want to see this post in the next 5 years: JJ Abrams to oversee and possibly direct Star Wars 7, 8, 9.

  8. Will we see Phillip Seymour Hoffman back as the by truck killed ghost villian Owen Poltergeist Davian. It will be a good climax.

  9. Awesome news. Abrams is really making a name for himself, I mean he’s already pretty much a house hold name. Everything he’s directly involved with just turns out great and he just keeps getting better and better, with so many projects already under his hat. Which is just amazing, cuz most story tellers can’t come up with more then one or two original stories or story ideas in there whole lives.

    I really liked the first MI movie. The 2nd I could do without. But part 3 was easily the best in the series to me and is one of my fav action films. I’m just ecstatic Abrams is back on board and can’t wait to see what he comes up with this time.

  10. These movies never did it for me, and I would like to request a moratorium on the NEVERENDING spoofs of the Mission Impossible drop from the ceiling thing. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen it.

  11. 1 was the best in the franchise thanks to the great Brian De Palma.

    2 was okay, nothing special than any other John Woo film he’s made. Soundtrack was better.

    3 was slightly better than 2.

    So I’m guessing everything’s square between Cruise and Paramount after the whole South Park incident.

  12. Thought M:I2 was garbage at the time of release but won’t mind sitting through it these days. The first was really good and the third was enjoyable so I’m looking forward to the fourth.

  13. I liked the second one. I was a teenager, haven’t seen it since. Over the top action movies were new to me back then, probably dislike them more now.

    Hated the first one, but I wasn’t even a teenager then. So that might have had something to do with it.

    I liked the third one.

    1. I agree. When I first saw MI2 I liked the cool special effects, but now it’s just cheesy! The first one is good if you can understand it. And to see how well J.J. is as a movie director, I know he will do a great MI4, if he does it!

    1. I skipped the 3rd in theaters because of how bad the 2nd one was. When I rented it on DVD, I kicked my own ass afterwards; for not seeing it. You should check out 3, it’s awesome. The second was definitely awful.

    2. No offense but I find it upsetting to hear how many people skipped MI3 based off of their dislike for MI2. Drastically different directors should be an obvious indicator that the movies will be different. If it was announced the John Woo was directing MI3 then I would understand.

    1. I like all three movies. The second one is honestly the weakest film but as over the top high gloss eye candy popcorn films go this one is a guilty pleasure.

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