“Used Guys” Back On

A couple of years ago there was a movie in the works called “Used Guys” that was to star Ben Stiller and Jim Carey. In my opinion the movie sounded hilarious and I thought Stiller and Carey would have solid on screen chemistry. The movie was going to look something like this:

“A futuristic story where woman rule the earth, men having become extinct due to consuming a fatal enhancement drink. Carrey and Stiller were to be featured as two clones to be replaced by newer models, with better lovemaking and listening skills… in order to save themselves, they go on the run to regain their dignity and find the male nirvana, Mantopia.”

Well, the project eventually got axed due to rising production costs and the fact that Stiller, Carey and the director accounted for 27% of the back end of the film. That’s just stupid. Still.. I was sad to hear it got scrapped.

But now it appears there is new life in the project… with some changes. Now, the film would star Ben Stiller still… but without Jim Carey now. Instead it would have Reese Witherspoon and the story would focus more on Stiller’s romance with his owner Witherspoon.

I still like the concept for the movie, but 80% of my enthusiasm is gone. I was really looking forward to what they were going to do with it before… now it just sounds like a futuristic Rom-Com. Meh. (Source: THR)

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8 thoughts on ““Used Guys” Back On

  1. I love RW but agree with you on this John. The duo of Stiller/Carrey would’ve been a sight to see, but the futuristic Rom Com (probably bad one) wouldn’t hold any interest for me either. Especially since it would be as lame as Heartbreak Kid!

    I think Carrey would’ve at least brought a lot more ability and character to the flick.

  2. I used to really like the Witherspoon but recently she just annoys me, every picture she’s in she just seems all sour faced and nonchalante. i still love legally blonde and election.

    1. “You are pitiful weak minded insects quite happy to be dominated by your female superiors.

      That is not who I am. I head for Mantopia. WHO RIDES WITH ME?”

      Hey, this thing writes itself.

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