Wolverine 2 Already in the Works

Wolverine might be getting raped in the reviews, and its a shame that all the bad parts overshadow what was good about the movie. I could totally see a Deadpool movie (not WeaponXI) and I could see Gambit in something, but maybe not a headliner. But one thing I was certain of is that this is not the last we have seen of Wolverine. And it seems that a Japanese storyline involving Logan is already in the early stages in the form of Wolverine 2.

FirstShowing says:

“The Seed partners have begun planning the sequel, which they are squarely focusing on the samurai storyline originated in the comic series, and whose Japanese locale was teased after the film’s final credits.


As a comic fan I would really like to see a Wolverine story removed from the safe and familiar locales. And I would LOVE to see some Samurai action.

And like that last girlfriend where you did everything wrong? Mom says not to sweat it and just don’t make the same mistakes again.

Remember the good times and stick with that.

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29 thoughts on “Wolverine 2 Already in the Works

  1. Right on Rodney! To see the Silver Samurai fighting Wolverine would be freakin’ sweet. The story line they’re talking about was great. Wolverine was bad ass as a samurai. This movie could freakin’ rule and like you said, get them out of the same city environments that all the other X-Men movies have taken place in.

    Wolverine meets The Last Samurai, WOOT!

  2. Glad they’re continuing the X-franchise, but not the news I was hoping for. I’d rather that the franchise moves forward, and all future films are set after the events of X3.

    The problem with prequels is that there is no real suspense, and as far as Wolverine himself goes, there’s no more backstory to cover which is essential to where he is in X1. We now know the full Weapon X story, how he lost his memory, his family story, his time in Team X, where he got his jacket…any stories in Japan are ultimately inconsequential to his future. If you’re casting Jackman, put him in X-Men 4!

    There’s no reason for the Deadpool movie not to be set after X3. Just do some flashbacks to fill in the time and show what he’s been doing all these years. Through flashback’s we’ve seen a great deal of Magneto’s past. No need to cover the same ground again. Cast McKellen in another X-Men sequel!

    Or, if they must do a “past” story, why not be creative and implement some of the time traveling type stuff and give us an Age Of Apocalypse film that ties in with this franchise. You could do a “prequel”, that half-way through becomes a sequel, when someone from the post X3 future shows up and alters the future.

  3. I am about to be one of the most hated international friend TMB has ever seen or heard of, if not already so. The gauntlet is being thrown down…

    Let’s get the whirlwind started. Better duck.

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine II First off, I would not mind this so much. Gambit should be denied a spinoff film and be a supporting character. This would make some sense as Gambit had a history with Yuriko, should Yuriko be used.

    The Japan setting would showcase Silver Samurai (who was also seen in the Marvel Comics adaptation/film tie in “backstory” before the events in the first X film) which I think is a huge plus (as do others) and also the potential appearances of Sunfire and Sunpyre.

    I also would like to see Creed/Sabretooth pop up in here as well.
    In any case, I don’t want it to be called X-Men Origins: Wolverine II. I don’t know if it should be called X-Men Origins: Silver Samurai or something else. It just seems awkward for a prequel having a “II” on it, that’s all.

    2) Deadpool spinoff.

    Keep his transformation into Weapon XI. Cast Scott Adkins,in fact. During the course of the film, he will:

    – team up with Weasel;

    – use his new optic blast to ‘heat’ the his ‘wrist escrima” off and make new swords out of them as he does so, the optic blast dies out (he wasn’t “ready’ according to some techs to Stryker);

    – turn into his old self “becoming” Ryan Reynolds at least by mid-point/gets his ‘face’ back;

    – NOT breaking the fourth wall;

    – Hunted by other mutants and/or Gov’t, Could also blamed for the death of the military officer Stryker killed. (Who would go after him? X-Force and/or Cable? Hmmm…)

    otherwise, no spinoff film. He isn’t that exciting of a character. See? I told you I’d be hated.

    3) Magneto.
    I’m hoping this comes to pass. If they use Ian McKellan to open and close the film (he could be relating the story to Callisto and/or Pryo somewhere during the events of Last Stand, or to another character AFTER the events of Last Stand)

    1. I also don’t see why people get so excited by Deadpool. He is like a What if? comic where SpiderMan joined the Weapon X program. Totally unoriginal and uninspired.

  4. Please end it. Let the dead dog lye. X-men 2 was Very Good! (Not great,) X-men one was a 90 setup for 2. Three was a big money maker, but was Terrible. “Origen” wasn’t even as good as X-men One, I’m not looking for another movie. Also the way that the story lines/characters played out this movie can/will damage if not cripple this franchise for good. Let’s move this topic to “X-MEN RE-BOOT” for the title on the next movie .At the end I walked Out, No credit watching, no hidden gems, nothing that could happen in the last 5 min will make up for 90 min of crap.

  5. The problem with Wolverine is that they tried to cover too much in one film. The Origin story is truly about when he was a young boy…but we miss all that when it jumps past four wars and into almost present day…

    Don’t even get me started on Deadpool…

  6. oh dear god no. should give the rights back to marvel…then you would at least see woverine vs hulk for one thing, or at least cameo’s in the respective sequals. I don’t know about this, the movie was entertaining and could have been better, jackman does a great wolverine, but, yeah, maybe it’s time to shine the spotlight on someone else.

    1. “Give the rights back to marvel” means nothing.

      Who’s to say that Marvel wouldnt have hired the same writers, hire the same director and approve the same script??

      The studio has nothing to do with it.

    2. While I would love to see Beast or Scarlet Witch bounce over to The Avengers from X-Men (or in Witch’s case, Avengers to X-Men) a whole lot of narrative would have to be retconned. Take the Hulk, for example. Would The Hulk be mistaken for a mutant? Would a mutant be mistaken for a non-mutant?

      Would the Wendego be a mutant?

      The new film raked in 85 million opening weekend, slightly under early reports, but still well over the projected take. Yes, more people would like to see what happens after Last Stand. This, and that at least four characters of the new film could never be in too serious of trouble, were the two main criticisms of the film.

      As for shining the spotlight on another character? I cannot agree more.

    3. it means everything. gives more options and allows for use of characters, that fox does not have the rights to use, who were vital in the telling of wolverines true origin. but of course every other studio who has rights to characters has to give those back to marvel as well. Do It right or don’t do it at all. I can live with wolverine and sabertooth being brothers, but everyone knows that right before joinning the x-men there was alpha flight and all of the other experiaments that were done outside of weapon X helped to make james who he is.

    4. I think you are putting too much value in the capacity of a crossover.

      James and Heather Hudson were just one small piece of the long history that makes Logan what he is.

      Choosing to replace that with someone on the roster Fox has rights to would serve the same purpose.

      Reverting the rights to Marvel would require a complete reboot (new actors everything), because despite the rights returning to Marvel, the existing franchise/product/scripts would still belong to Fox. Any attempt to sequel them without ALSO buying those films would be a breach of copyright.

      They would have to start over completely. And that brings FAR more problems than just worrying if Logan will ever fight the Hulk.

  7. Can I ask the obvious question? What about X-Men 4?

    X3 dropped the ball but (unlike Spider-man 3) I can still see a future for the series. I can see somebody being smart enough to write an X4 that picks up the pieces and gets the franchise back on its feet.

  8. I would love to see some of the story from Japan too, but after watching this past movie why would you have any faith that they would do justice to the original story?

    1. Because I have faith that anything that is driven by the mighty dollar in Hollywood (which is everything) that if they are going to make another movie, they would learn from their mistakes.

      Even Star Wars stopped talking about Medichlorians and minimized Jar Jar for its sequels.

    2. hey they may have stopped talking about midichlorians an minimized jar jar but the next film to come was attack of the clones. the absolute worst film in the entire star wars saga

    3. True, hopefully even though its had success at the box office so far, i hope they hear the fans and will make some changes. Maybe a new director? What changes to the current make up of the Xmen/Wolverine universe would you like to see in the next Movie?

  9. They need to completely scrap the team that was involved in the first one and start new.

    I know this would never happen but Wolverine is cheezy without an R rating.

  10. At this point I’d have to say that I’d be more excited over a Ryan Reynolds/Deadpool movie (forgetting about the Weapon XI bullshit) than another Wolverine flick. Not that I’m sick of Wolverine or anything but we’ve now seen 4 straight movies with him as the central figure and to be honest the Japanese stuff never really did anything for me. Go with Deadpool for now; Reynolds nailed him in the brief time he was on camera and he easily got the best audience reaction of anybody. Either that or cast him as the Flash already.

  11. Everyone:

    Read Wolverine vs Deadpool

    This movie should be about that

    As soon as im done with this “Maximum Carnage” comic book im re-reading Deadpool vs Wolverine

    Dude the silver samurai is so fucking cool
    You know who else should be in this? Sunfire

    I read a comic book with Silver Samurai and Sunfire and Silver Samurais wife; Viper. Well Apocalipse is in it (age of apocalipse) and I cant remember well but i think magneeto pwnd Apocalypse in that comic book…anyways- Sunfire is freaking awesome

    1. The movie had a lot of good parts but they were all so overshadowed by the bad.

      I enjoyed nearly half of that movie.

      Not surprised that there is a general feeling to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

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