Megan Fox on Set of Jonah Hex

Remember when we got that first peek at Megan Fox on the set of Jonah Hex in her Western Frontier Saloon Gal outfit? Well it was all covered up by a long sweater, but you could get the idea.

Well MovieGab is taking away what was left to the imgination and now my pants don’t fit right.

Megan Fox is pure eyecandy. She’s never going to win an Oscar, but she could give up acting and just do posters for the back of teenager’s bedroom doors and still have a long and healthy career.

I have a soft spot for westerns and the loose morals of saloon girls, so this works for me on a number of different levels. She could do this role butchering a southern drawl and I would still go see it.

MovieGab has a few more shots.

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23 thoughts on “Megan Fox on Set of Jonah Hex

  1. first, why you keep thinking this girl neet to eat etc. She ain’t skinny, in fact, compare to skeleton walking catwalk model, she is quite curvy. Second, if you judging based on that picture above. Get your observation right. It’s done in period piece, off course she had to wear corsette as most fashion thing at that time. Just leave the need to eat comment off… it get tiring.

    1. Actually the assumption that she “needs a sammich” might have to do with the fact that you can see her ribs in every scantilly clad magazine spread she does. She is very slim and has little to no hips – curvy is the last word people use to describe Fox.

      Yes, Megan Fox is a tasty dish, but frankly I think she would look even HOTTER with some actual curves on her.

    2. Thank you Rodney. She has a nice face and a flat tummy, but other than that, what’s so special? Her tats have basically ruined her, her rack isn’t all that impressive, she’s almost a waif, she comes acrosss as very stupid in interviews…I can understand guys digging on some other starlets, but I just don’t get the fascination with this one.

    3. thank u rod…she is pretty in the face but def could do with some extra pounds. biel has the perfect weight…–gives rodney an e-high five–

    4. Don’t get me wrong Kristina, I think she is all sorts of hot, but the girl could use a little insulation.

      I have seen her in interviews and she doesn’t sound stupid, she just sounds like a normal person who got into movies based on their looks.

      And Marco, Scarlet is also on my top hot list. There is no horse there, but there is curves. This is no place to go off topic just bring up someone else you want to bash on.

    5. it do be get’en tiring. but i was talking about other pics, like Rodney metioned, not just this one. five puonds would make an enormous difference here, imo of course.

    6. She was actually ordered to PUT ON weight for Transformers 2, so you’ll notice she’s a tad less skinny and her bust is also more prominent.

      Anyhoo, she really IS hot. Extremely hot!

      And she looks amazing in this picture.

  2. I am finding it hard to say anything negative based on that picture! ;)

    They should make a poster of her in that outfit, just incredibly sexy.

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