Nolan’s Inception gets Leonardo DiCaprio

Christopher Nolan is definately Hollywood’s golden child right now. With back to back hits like Batman Begins and Dark Knight there seems to be no end to his accolades. So when Nolan announced his next project wouldn’t be Batman we were introduced to Inception.

Now Inception is introduced to Leonardo DiCaprio.

/Film says:

As of right now, we know almost nothing about this film, other than that it is a contemporary sci-fi action movie set in “the architecture of the mind”, whatever that means. The plan is to begin shooting this Summer, with a July 16th 2010 release date.

Leonardo DiCaprio is easily a step in the right direction on ANY movie. Hell, I would watch Hannah Montana if he was involved.

I am fast becoming a Nolanite, just because of his work with Batman, so when I found out he was taking a break from the Cape and Cowl to do a different film I instantly was disappointed that he wasn’t bringing us another Batman. But I think professionally this is a great move for him.

He can write his own ticket in Hollywood and he could tell you he was directing a ballet full of fat people and any studio would say Yes out of pure faith alone. And I guarantee that there will NOT be another Batman without offering it to Nolan 17 times first, so while he is still on top of the world, he can do his own thing. And if it doesn’t work out so great, he can always do another Batman!

When I found out that his own thing was going to be a sci-fi action flick I was already eager to hear more. Now that DiCaprio is on, I just can’t wait to hear more.

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15 thoughts on “Nolan’s Inception gets Leonardo DiCaprio

  1. Outside the Batman movies, It’s a hit and miss for me with Nolan’s films. Memento was great, but loses its luster after a few viewings. Insomnia was good, but I didn’t really care for The Prestige. However, you can’t go wrong with Leo. He’s really grown into a good actor since Titanic.

    1. Memento and The Prestige (The Illustionist kick its ass!) sucked IMO. Insomnia was alright. Nolan will forever be remembered for his two awesome Batman films. Sci-fi Action flick with DiCaprio? Sounds interesting. Lets see if Nolan can improve as an action-director and let the audience actually “see” the action. Don’t get me wrong, he did better in The Dark Knight than what he previously shot in Batman Begins. But there’s alot more room for improvement. I agree when Quentin Tarantino said that the best movie directors are action directors. Nolan’s barely a novice at it.

    2. You’re confusing Batman for a typical action hero. You don’t “see” Batman, he comes in, intimidates, knocks you out then leaves. The audience is just as confused as the criminals are.
      I was dismayed that Nolan gave into all the whining about the action scenes in Batman Begins and made them clearer in The Dark Knight. To me it was compromising his art.

  2. How can you say this is a must-see allready? We know nothing about this movie except for two people attached to it. Call me a cynic, but I have seen more great people do a series of similar movies that are all fantastic, but when they try and shift gears you end up with a horrible mess. When this turns out like Street-fighter, remember I said it first.

    1. I think your expectations are WAY too low. Nolan is a brilliant director and Leonardo is a brilliant actor, I can’t see any reason to worry yet.

  3. This sounds promising – Nolan has a perfect record as far as I’m concerned. I loved the Prestige and really don’t mind that he gets to make these projects in between Batman.

    How much you want to bet that rumors of DiCaprio being in Batman 3 will surface throughout the next few years?

  4. This is definetely good news. Inception’s already on my “must-see” list of 2010.
    DiCaprio is a fantastic actor despite many who’d quickly write him off as chick-bait. With Nolan and DiCaprio together in a sci-fi film I see great things in the future.

  5. Cool, I was waiting to hear about this for a while. I’m glad he’s doing something other than Batman. I really enjoyed Momento and The Prestige.

  6. i like that hes doing something other than batman right now, as much as i want to see another great batman film, i think its better for him to take a break for now, but im actually lookig forward to this despite me not being a leo decapro fan

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