Megan Fox joins Jonah Hex and Fathom

Megan Fox is quietly making a geek idol out of herself after her breakout big screen role in Transformers, and now she has found herself nailing two comic book roles. A supporting role in Jonah Hex and the lead in Fathom.

Not the first time I have imagined Fox in a cowgirl get up /Film tells us about her Jonah Hex role:

Jonah Hex tells the story of a former alcoholic and confederate soldier (played by Josh Brolin) turned supernatural loner and gunslinger. Fox will play Leila, Jonah’s beautiful gun-wielding love interest.

Now Fathom could easily be a remake and twist on Tom Hanks’ Splash, but its based on the TopCow/Aspen comics character and in a role that most certainly will involve her being wet and scantily clad:

And in Fathom, Fox plays a young woman named Aspen who was discovered at sea by a cruise ship, and later learns she is a member of a race of aquatic humanoids who possess the ability to control water.

Now I heard a clever statement from Nerdy Bird who said “I’ve actually never seen Megan Fox act but she certainly has the look of the character and that’s half the battle at least” and that is layered with snark from a girl who clearly saw Transformers.

Megan Fox isn’t terrible, but she is no master thespian either. At least they haven’t shown us. So I don’t mind her filling the roles that require a pretty face. No doubt she has that gift, but she will be the lead in Fathom, so I hope she pulls it off.

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31 thoughts on “Megan Fox joins Jonah Hex and Fathom

  1. Yep, I cant see the problem. Sure Megan is no Meryl Streep when it comes to acting, but she is in Hex for hot eye candy and Josh Brolin will shine in the role regardless.

    As far as Fathom is concerned, I’ll believe that when it actually starts filmimg.

  2. I think Fox is a perfect fit for Fathom, a comic I have never read so I don’t really care but I think she might be too hot to be in a Jonah Hex movie, well in a Jonah Hex movie that I would like to see, grimy, dirty, dark and scary. Joe Lansdale’s run on the series was fantastic and I hope they go in that direction if anything.

  3. i’m alright with fox being in the hex movie, i’m all for eyecandy. fathom might be the movie that takes her to the next level… if it’s any good. this could be a movie that might be more of a guilty pleasure for me.

  4. Hmmm….

    Well, time for me to chime in. Most of you are not going to like what I have to say (write) here.

    1- I am still disappointed that the supernatural aspect of Hex is being kept in. I could be wrong and they may in fact just hint at it/downplay it, but…I liked Hex without the supernatural angle and, to me, it made the character less interesting. On the other hand, the pre-production of this project seems to have a lot of steam (regardless of Fox) so there’s something appealing to this. But I’m just not a fan of the supernatural take on Jonah Hex.

    2- Let’s give Megan Fox a chance here While I think it may be “safe” to choose/consider Fathom (That cover shown is dead ringer) -a book I never heard of until this past minute, but from the sounds of it…it sounds like it will happen.
    Why am I sure? Because it’s that H’wood thing, y’know? You got an atlantis people project based on a comic book or graphic novel? I can get one too. And the next guy. Let’s race to see who can get to the finish line.

    I expect a Namor announcement in the next month, seeing how Atlantis Rising is already on the board. I also would not rule out remakes of DeepStar Six, Levithan or, heaven forbid, James Cameron’s The Abyss (hey don’t look at me funny, all qualify, sadly, under the TMB rules for a remake)

    As for Hex…I think we are getting ahead of ourselves here, coming to the conclusion that her character is nothing more than an arm trophy mixed in with Annie Oakley. While it’s based on the comic, Hex I feel, will be seen by the majority as “a western”, and not a “comic book to film movie” even though the latter is also true. Hence, this is a bolder move for Fox. In addition, being alongside Brolin and Malchovich might actually make her look good as an actress.

    “Taken out” of the movie?! It’ll only happen if she’s covered in blush and lipstick. Yes, she’ll probably look just as great without, but I’m thinking makeup of a different sort- down and dirty.

  5. Well for one thing, bad actors tend to pull me out of the movie, ruining my suspension of disbelief. Not to mention the fact that I correlate bad actors ith bad movies..

    Second, for as long as I’ve been reading the Jonah Hex series, he’s never really had much along the lines of love interests (post Civil War, that is). I mean, sure, a fling here or there, but for the most part, he’s a lone wolf (though I’m more than open-eared when it comes to info that suggests otherwise). It’s a key aspect of his character. A Hex centered film minus a love interest subplot would be superb, me thinks.

    Third, as I said before (and this isn’t Ms Fox’s fault at all) they’re going with the Vertigo run of Hex, which dealt with the supernatural. Personally, I would have preferred they stick to the original context of the comics – sans zombies and ghouls.

    I can understand how my ramblings are the result of me jumping to conclusions. Am I being a bit premature? God yes. But hell, it’s Jonah Hex for god’s sake.

    But damn it all, you know I love you Rodney. Cheers!

  6. To Megan Fox:
    You’re hot and all, but stay the FUCK out of Jonah Hex. Fuck up any other franchise you want, but steer clear of my beloved bounty hunter.

    Ah, who the hell am I kidding, they never listen, bastards. Not only do they hire this black hole of an actress, but they’re basing the film on the supernatural run of the series. My interest in Hex is dwindling…

  7. man megan fox is a horrible actress….her looks are average hollywood hottie material which to me is a turn off….she has that …hey look i was super popular in high school look…other then that i would say she is a extremely thin…no ass … no boobs…but has killer eyes…personally with my mind i would rather hate on here for bieng a actress with no talent and someone who wonders where her “trainer” tell here to go.

  8. SHIT!! well there goes my faith in jonah hex…i was kinda hoping for a darker, weird, horror western, but with fox as “gun wielding love interest” i strongly doubt it…damn shame too, jonah hex coulda been great….fathom i dont know much about, but she looks the part….and yes she is a sexy ass chick, but she cannot act for shit, shes best suited for sweaty michael bay flicks.

    1. i just never imagined a jonah hex movie with a love interest, if so i was hoping for a decent actress, because adding megan fox sounds a lot like pg 13 bullcrap to me….

  9. Please delete the second redundant post! Tried a quick spelling correction and it, well, y’know…..I still like thye idea of a Spectre film though!
    Maybe DeNiro or Scorsese can take her under his/their wings, I know I’d Mlike to! ;)

  10. LOL…..I’m sorry–I’m weak, I have a problem!!!! I was a big fan of the original series (gee, am I dating myself!) and some of the later incarnations and it was always one odf DC’s more interesting books. Right up there with Moore’s re-do on Swamp Thing or The Spectre, boy that would be an interesting character/s to take on! Hmmmmm….Hey WB, take note huh???

    1. Oh dude, we don’t do the “FIRST” thing here. This isn’t AICN. And.. you weren’t lol.

      But yeah, I have absolutely NO interest in Jonah Hex (the comic) but after they added Brolin and Malkovich, I have been slowly getting more and more excited.

      A little eyecandy doesn’t hurt either.

  11. i agree rodney i dont think she has what it takes to be in a lead role and think that was one of the flaws in transformers, but she is easy on the eyes

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