Emily Blunt Could be Black Widow

With casting rumours well on their way towards some of the characters that could play a part in the next Iron Man film, we now hear that Black Widow might be involved.

And along with that rumour, Emily Blunt has been said to be at the top of their list!

MovieWeb reports

Blunt would portray Natasha Romanoff, a Russian spy by day and Black Widow, a sultry villain in a skin-tight black suit with high-tech gadgetry, by night. Marvel Studios wouldn’t comment on Black Widow’s casting at this time.

This would make sense considering Black Widow is later an Avenger, and all Marvel films seem to want to include as much background as possible on the minor characters that are not getting features of their own.

As for Emily Blunt, I think she could easily fill the role provided that she can pull off a convincing Russian accent. She certainly has the sex appeal and would look great in a black ops style outfit she is most commonly seen wearing in the comics and we already know she rocks the red hair.

I don’t have a clue how predominate she will be in Iron Man 2, however it is more likely that they are staging her to take on the role for when the Avengers assemble.

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