Oliver Stone Doing Hugo Chavez Documentary

Hugo-Chavez-Documentary.jpgSay what you want about Oliver Stone… the dude does what he wants, when he wants and how he wants to do it. You may not dig his films, but you gotta admire that quality in him at least a little bit.

Along that theme, Stone seems to be setting up his next project that I think will be remarkably interesting, but at the same time probably very unpopular. A documentary on Venezuela president Hugo Chavez. The good folks over at Movieweb give us this:

Stone was with Chavez in February during a hostage siege where he successfully brokered the hostages release from the radical Columbian group FARC. The documentary will not focus on the hostage rescue, but Chavez’s opposition in his own country and worldwide, most notably from the Bush administration.

Love or hate Chavez, there’s no denying this is a fascinating man and I think a documentary on him and what he’s doing will be great to see.

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7 thoughts on “Oliver Stone Doing Hugo Chavez Documentary

  1. hey HAZMAT_drinks_rat_period_blood first of all im 100% Venezuelan

    he GIVES AWAY money to Cuba?? so you didnt know Castro bring Doctors to Venezuela to help FOR FREE venezuelan ppl?? you want money instead?

    “”also one time there was this controversy about a bunch of crooks that had done oevr time in jail…so instead of doing the paper work he let them all out (please wiki this if you dont believe me)”” wow! dont be lazy give me some links i wanna see that

    cops cant have guns? and regular ppl do? dude what the hell are you talking about here? i didnt know i could just go to the store of Mr.Carlos and buy some AKs =S

    so he cheat in EVERY election huh? for the love of god are you still saying that shit? we had (i dont know if this is the correct word) internationals watchers for a lots of contries and organizations world wide, they check the machines and the entire election and what they say? everything is fine; in one of the firts election some folks say something about a fraud… but they didnt bring proofs, they not find any indication of fraud… they just say it for the hell of it, i guess

    2020? you suck at math, he say 2012 and you know why he will be until then? because ppl in ALL Venezuela are gathering signatures to ask for him to be in the presidential until WE like him to be, in the last election for governorships the PSUV(the party that support Hugo Chavez) won 17 of 22 governorships, are you going to tell me he just cheated… right…?

    so you want him dead… forget about the sniper… come here, try to kill him in front of me and my compatriots to see what could happen, just fuck out, go with Dracula to suck some blood elsewhere

    hey Hoss shut down free speach?? what the fuck? have you seen Goblovision they talk shit about him ALL DAY! if he was a dictator he could have shut down that channel the first day

    hey NoName you’re a idiot, buy some brain in walmart

  2. @ john
    my dads from transylvania (romania) and my moms was from venezuela and i lived in venezuela before i was adopted by a ginny/wop italian family and i have to say…this guy is fuckign NUTS

    he called bush (and i am quoting) an asshole, an idiot, the antichrist AND he said “fuck you, yankees!!!” many, many, many times
    he also GIVES AWAY money to fidel castro and cuba and he is the biggest dictator EVER. he also made it illegal for cops to carry guns and he made it legal for civilians to carry guns with no license.
    also one time there was this controversy about a bunch of crooks that had done oevr time in jail…so instead of doing the paper work he let them all out (please wiki this if you dont believe me) and everytime venezuelans vote he completely fucks everything up and cheats (hes dont it 3 times) now hes been the president sinse i think 2000 or 1999 (do the math) and he says hell be the president until 2020 ish

    i could write an essay on this guy….

    he needs to die
    yes, die. an assassin needs to kill him, a sniper
    im not joking

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