Star Wars on Stage?

George Lucas has found another way to celebrate the franchise he created. A large scale stadium show that will present the Star Wars saga on stage is set to take place.

Times Online reports:

The production, which condenses more than 13 hours of film into 90 minutes, will be more like a classical music concert performed in front of a cinema screen, 27m (90ft) wide.

The audience at the 17,000-seat O2 Arena in southeast London will watch key scenes from the film as 86 musicians from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra play extracts from John Williams’s score.

The composer has reworked the music for the show, which will take place on April 10. Other shows may follow, depending on demand.

When I first read the headline of this story I had thought they were bringing a stage musical based on Star Wars to life. Thank god I was mislead.

I actually like the idea of an orchestra concert of this scale being presented. The music of Star Wars is inspiring and part of John Williams legacy. The score still gives me chills. I would love to be present for an event of this magnitude.

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16 thoughts on “Star Wars on Stage?

  1. “isn’t he supposed to be releasing star wars again in 3-D in another remaster he’s working on…isn’t it tiring for you guys who are Star Wars fans?”

    Fuck no. I can’t wait to see the SW movies in 3-D in a few years.

  2. Hell yeah! All you Lucas-haters can go back to watching Twilight. I don’t think it will be a musical as in “Annie” but a live action event with lasers, explosions, on stage dialogue/battles, Vader, and cool ILM effects. PLUS – John Williams conducting the score would be quite a treat.

    Hopefully this production makes it to the west coast. Londoners always get all the cool stuff first.

  3. Rodney, I understand what you’re trying to say and I guess the idea isn’t so bad after all. At first read of the headlines, I thought it was going to be a play and figured it was yet another attempt for Lucas to ruin the franchise more again. However, I still think Lucas is however selling himself short and continuing to show himself (to me at least) that he’s either afraid or a hack at this point. I’m not a Star Wars fan at all…but I do enjoy THX-1138 and American Graffiti and I feel he’s capable as a filmmaker to make great work and I respect Star Wars (just wasn’t for me) and I think he needs to do something new with all the money he’s made when he’s fully capable and I guess leave it alone. This isn’t so bad but if i’m not mistaken, isn’t he supposed to be releasing star wars again in 3-D in another remaster he’s working on…isn’t it tiring for you guys who are Star Wars fans?

  4. @Garrett, how is this messing it up?
    @LMXV, This is not a musical.

    Did you two even read the article before commenting? It is an orchestra concert playing John Williams masterful score with scenes from the saga played in the background.

    Messing up what??

    Its a celebration of the music.

  5. Well this is not a musical or anything original. It’s just John Williams’ score played while people watch scenes on a screen.
    Hardly a reason to decry Lucas.

  6. Evil Dead was another movie-turned-unexpected-musical that turned out beyond excellent. I hate how nobody these days is ever willing to give something a shot.

  7. i dont see how this is “changing” star wars…theyre only using whats already out there. a fuckin awesome collection of scores and film clips. I think it would be awesome to see

  8. Fans also have slashfic which writes stories about Han and Luke getting it on while Chewwy watches.

    Doesn’t mean its worth my attention.

    If Lucas ever licensed a Star Wars Musical, I would show up on his doorstep with the Holiday Special and set him straight again.

  9. Fans have created Star Wars Musicals themselves. There was one here in Iceland last winter even.

    But it really should be an opera, after all it is called a Space Opera but not this Broadway show tunes crap.

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