The Eighth Wonder

Nicole-KidmanNicole Kidman is about to strap on a whip of her own and challenge Indy to a round of treasure hunting! We get wind of Kidman’s upcoming archaeological action role thanks to the sunken caves of Yahoo:

Nicole Kidman is attached to star in and produce “The Eighth Wonder,” an action-adventure centering on an archeological discovery that sets off a globe-spanning race. The script will be written for 20th Century Fox by Simon Kinberg, who pitched it to the studio.

Kidman and Kinberg met when working on “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” which the scribe wrote and the actress was to have starred in. When she dropped out because of scheduling reasons, the two teamed for an untitled spy thriller that never came to fruition. But Kidman and Kinberg looked for something to work on together, and “The Eighth Wonder” was ultimately hatched.

I like Nicole Kidman, both on and off the screen. She can hold her own in an interview with Letterman, and she always scores high marks at whatever red carpet event she attends. Her dresses are always among the best at the Oscars; year after year I wait to see her walk the red mile. She keeps it classy and would seamlessly fit in with the Hollywood of yesteryear.

I wonder what adventure this film will take her on. It appears she will be globe trotting, which is fine – but I also hope we see her explore hidden temples or pagan caves. I am curious to see Kidman play an archaeologist and look forward to more news regarding the project. We will be sure to keep you posted.

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3 thoughts on “The Eighth Wonder

  1. I agree with you Kristina, I dont see Nicole making this work. She is too delicate for a role such as this. There is only so much you can believe from such a tiny woman such as her in an action role. If it has her doing fighting scenes which I doubt, it will just be no good.

    I doubt I would spend any money at theater to see it. This would be a home rental for me at most.

  2. I LOVE this woman. Moulin Rouge is one of my all-time favs, but she is not the action movie type. She’s so delicate that I just couldn’t buy her in this kind of role. She was originally cast as Mrs. Smith in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but thankfully bowed out. I just don’t see this working, but you never know. she could surprise me. She’s done it before.

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