Christian Bale and Kermit – What are they thinking?

I am stealing a page out of Doug’s book of fun posts, and introducing you to this great set of pictures.What are they thinking about??

I found this image over on my new favourite online geek hideout, HardCore Nerdity a new social networking site that focuses on the geeky and nerdy things we love about pop culture. It is still in its Beta stage, so its not done yet, but if you sign up a profile now, you get entered into a draw to win a SmartCar!! Not kidding.

The site is run by an intrepid crew of ubergeeks that are all better looking than me, including the Canadian Geek icon Johnathan Llyr.

After you create a profile Group there to show your support, and be sure to friend me!

And tell me Bale and Kermit? Separated at birth?
What are they thinking about??

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24 thoughts on “Christian Bale and Kermit – What are they thinking?

  1. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)
    Bale: “Why is there a hand up my ass?”
    Kermit: “When does 3 Girls and 1 Cup get released?”

  2. @Rodney, Kermit is known as René in Latin America (I’m from Argentina) and as Gustavo in Spain. I don’t know why they changed, but I suppose it’s because Kermit does not have an easy translation to Spanish.

  3. Bale appears to have some sort of strung beads hanging over the back of his hands.

    @Jason – I didn’t realize Kermit was named Rene in your country. I would have thought they would maintain Kermit in all regions he was marketed to. Interesting.

  4. Jalon, John and Doug do a lot more than I do around here. You might want to check on the daily live show on top of their posts, and all the work they do behind the scenes to keep this site up and running.

    Despite your kind words towards me, you presume too much.

  5. Im sure we can find a picture of big bird, michael jackson, hitler and michael moore doing the same exact pose…doesnt mean theyll be thinking the same thing lol..

    although Louis was pretty close….

  6. Christian Bale : i hope the photographer likes this brooding finger clasp technique i’ve been practising!

    Kermit: . . . . . (he thinks nothing! he’s a fucking puppet! someone has their hand up his ass and folded his felt fingers together like that for the shot.)

  7. Christian Bale is wondering how much the back end of Dark Knight is gonna end up making him. Kermit knows he made more off that German company that bought him and then sold him back for a song. :)

  8. I’m willing to bet they’re both wondering why John seems to have no problem crossing his legs past the 90 degree mark in most editions of TMB: Uncut.

    Or why he chose to wear a hat that made him look like a raccoon.

    I kid I kid. Nothing personal John, just a couple observations while watching the latest “Uncut”


  9. well, seeing as how theyre from 2 different species/fictional planes. i dont think theyre separated at birth.

    Bales probly thinking, “Are these lights too bright?” i mean seriously, not the best lighting for his skin.
    Kermits probly thinking “What am i gonna do about Mrs. Piggy?”

    but thats just my guess

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