The Movie Blog: Uncut 20 Worst Sequels List – Recorded August 26th 2008

Hey there folks! For your viewing and listening enjoyment is The Movie Blog: Uncut – 20 Worst Sequels of All Time list special installment that was originally recorded on Wednesday August 26th 2008.

1) We talk sequels and run down The Movie Blog’s worst 20 sequels of all time list!

2) We take questions and comments from the live chat board

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22 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Uncut 20 Worst Sequels List – Recorded August 26th 2008

  1. Why did you cut off the last 4 minutes of the archive video also?!
    And I really wish you would respond to people’s concerns about the missing uncut episodes.

  2. talk about hyperbole. Batman & Robin killed the comic book movie franchise for “5 or 6 years” ? Batman & Nipple came out in ’97. Blade came out in ’98. X-Men (if Blade doesn’t count, which i think it does) came out in 2000.

    btw there is a re-edited cut of Highlander 2 that ditches the whole alien spiel. I’d advise you guys to check it out.

  3. Finally got the iTunes to work….was just wondering if you ever thought of putting the video up on iTunes as well? Or is this too much to ask??

    Great show..

  4. “Batman & Robin” does seem like an easy target, but why wouldn’t it be? People may disagree on Spidey 3 or FF2. But the one film that is universally despised, no contest?? “Batman and Robin” is even worse than “Forever”, which is at least mildly watchable due to Jim Carrey’s Riddler.

    Here’s my worst:

    1) Batman & Robin.

    2) Highlander 2 [that INCLUDES the director’s cut ultimate new enhanced renegade directors cut of the directors cut!]

    3) AVP: Requiem [badly written, badly directed, Aliens eats the OC]

    4) Rocky IV [half the film was flashbacks from past Rocky films]

    5) Shock Treatment [a loose sequel to Rocky Horror Picture Show]

    6) Highlander : Endgame [sure it is!]

    7) Hannibal

    8) Halloween 5: Revenge Of Michael Meyers

    9) Hostel II

    10) Star Trek V

  5. I can’t wait for his Braveheart sequel. The Scottish rebels are going to piece William Wallace’s body back together and take it, ala “Weekend at Bernies”, on a tour of the Scottish countryside to teach children the importance of proper personal hygiene. I smell an Oscar!

  6. My top ten worst sequels:
    1. Matrix Reloaded
    2. Matrix Revolution
    3. Exorcist 2
    4. Superman 4
    5. Highlander 2
    6. Fantastic Four 2
    7. Shrek 3
    8. Superman Returns
    9. Blade Trinity
    10. Spider-Man 3

    The Matrix sequels was so bad it totally ruined the first one for me. I know that is kinda stupid, but they are that bad.

  7. I’m still disappointed that movies like “Full Throttle” and “Batman & Robin” got on there. These get ripped apart all the time, and yet I piss myself laughing whenever I happen to watch one of them. And I still favor “The Phantom Menace” over the two fan-semen-filled sequels (damn George Lucas’ personal insecurity!)

    Something no one ever thinks of (probably because no one ever saw it) was “Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London.” The first one was mediocre at best, but the second one doesn’t even count as a movie. It literally comes across as 90 minutes of bad improv where the actors stumble with their lines, and everything looks like it’s done in one take. I don’t even think they were trying. I’m almost a 100% sure the cast and crew gave up after the first half of the movie and just shot the rest in a single afternoon. I’m guessing they thought no one would’ve watched it that far in. It’s not even campy-bad. It’s just really awkward and empty to watch.

  8. Great show last night guys; lots of fun. I had some of them in my list. The ones I picked were either so dumb that I found them offensively stupid or were such a complete and lazy retread of the original film thatI felt my money had been stolen:

    1. Beverley Hills Cop 3
    2. Teen Wolf Too
    3. Batman & Robin
    4. Airport 79: The Concorde
    5. Charlies Angels: Full Throttle
    6. Speed 2
    7. Fantastic Four 2
    8. Blade Trinity
    9. Star Trek: Nemesis
    10. Men in Black 2

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