First Look at I Love You Phillip Morris

We get our first peek at Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor getting all mushy in I Love You Phillip Morris.

Cinematical shares:

The script was based on the book by the same name from the Houston Chronicle crime reporter, Steve McVicker. Carrey stars as Steven Russell, a happily married con-man who finds himself falling in love with his cell-mate, Phillip Morris (as played by McGregor). Russell spent years defying the judicial system, and also spent most of his criminal career hopping in and out of prison through a variety of elaborate schemes. Russell even posed as his Morris’ lawyer to get him switched to a closer prison. But it all came crashing down when in 1988, Russell was sentenced to 144 years in prison. Leslie Mann joined the cast back in April as Carrey’s abandoned wife, and Santoro also stars as another of Carrey’s paramours.

Back in the day, it used to be that celebs would strive for the mentally handicapped role to get a better shot at an Oscar. Then Brokeback Mountain put the gay in the film mainstream and everyone thought it would be the new gimmick. Even Brad Pitt expressed a desire at a gay role in hopes it would increase his Oscar potential.

Now its been a while, so I don’t know that it was the motivation for this role for Carrey (or McGregor) but it is a dramatic role. I honestly do like Jim Carrey better in dramatic roles. I kinda got worn out on him in comedy, but I still like him. When Jim gets in the groove he can hit it out of the park. The Majestic was a great movie for him and I loved him in it.

I’d like to see more of that.

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21 thoughts on “First Look at I Love You Phillip Morris

  1. Darek, now read your own post, and where you said gay, replace it with spiders.

    So basically you say spiders freak you out, but you are not afraid of spiders?

    I just don’t see how it can “freak you out” or upset you in any way to see these ACTORS pretending to be something they are not. They do that in EVERY movie they are in. How is it any different that they are playing gay men?

  2. How come whenever someone says anything bad about gayness they naturaly assume your afraid of gay people. I’m not afraid of gay people, i don’t even realy have that much of a problam with gay people. I just can’t stand when there are people that i know and like for a while all of a sudden are gay. like i would probably not have that much of a problem with this movie if the main characters played by the star of Borat and some guy who i don’t realy knwo that much i wouldn’t have a problam with it then, but i’m realy weirded out with having Jim Carey and Ewan McGreger be gay, it just freaks me out. Like when i saw Will Ferel be gay in Taladega Knights i was pretty weirded out but i was a little ok with it cause it was a comedy and maby he wasn’t being serious, but then when i saw him at that one award show it realy disapointed me cause he was being seriosu and stuff.

  3. Calling it “gross” just because you are homophobic is shallow.

    And I am being serious about that.

    Don’t like it, don’t go see it. No one is making you. But its very petty to attack it and call it “gross” if they are actually going to make a movie about gay people.

  4. Gayness can be a very hilarious part of a comody or somthing but in a serious movie where they are actualy taking it seriously it just realy seems gross. And i’m being serious about that.

  5. see we can get along rodney!!
    I know we got a little perturbed with one another back there in the ol’ batman talk but here we find common ground.

    Maybe obamas speech is already working. Maybe we are already healing.

  6. I agree George. I don’t know if Darek-T is joking or not.

    I am hoping he is, for his sake. That kind of talk is just ignorant, unless its being ironically funny.

    Gay guys are not gross anymore than straight folks are gross. Its the same act.

  7. ewww, crap, and what the heck? i realy have been shocked and disturbed by this picture and my respect for both of these actors has been dramaticly decreesed. i do not want to see this movie ,though it sounds like an interesting premise and i would probably be interested in it if the main characters weren’t gay, but still this is just wrong and i don’t see how people can like gay movies cause gay guys are gross and it may be funny to joke about gayness but guys kissing is discusting. I realy wish Jim Carrey wasn’t in this movie and i’ll never be able to look at Obi-Won the same again.

  8. This film sounds great. The first poster here sounds awful.

    and Rodney we may disagree from time to time but I too believe the majestic to be a much better film then the general consensus seems to think.

  9. Or it does have a plot and you didnt bother to read anything but this post.

    The article said we get to see the first picture from the movie. Want to know more about the movie’s plot? Then go to imdb, or google it.

  10. Judging by the post alone this movie doesn’t sound like it has a plot. I wonder of it’s going to be one of those pretentious, meandering, plotless “art” films with dull characters?

  11. We know Brad was interested back then, and with many others so I have a suggestion…perhaps a menage-a-toi???

    A first breakout for hollywood…maybe to extreme.

    This might take care of the line-ups for gay roles :)

  12. @SFSilver… no one said it was a fast track to an Oscar, but after Ledger got so much attention for it there were a number of actors saying they would want a Gay role so they could increase their odds.

    It was the gimmick at the time that Brokeback was nominated. Even Brad Pitt said as much

    It was their speculation, not mine. The only thing I suggested is that mentality might still be around with straight actors suddenly lining up for gay roles. (Nic Cage, Sean Penn etc)

  13. I don’t think there is a shred of evidence to suggest that anyone believes playing gay is a fast track to an Oscar. I think the observation is a bit specious and cynical.

    I would suggest another thesis; that any perceived increase in gay roles in mainstream projects is more likely the result of all the hard work that Queer filmmakers have done working in the industry, that Gay people are not as closeted and are considered to be just another part of our world with stories worth exploring for their universal appeal (just as I can relate to stories of people of other races and cultures), and from all the hard work that organizations like GLAAD have done working in Hollywood and with the media encouraging them to tell LGBT stories with authenticity and high quality.

  14. I’m not offended by any of the post content, but I am offended that you actually considered The Majestic a decent piece of film. I know you said it was great “for him” and not just great on its own, but honestly, the movie was horrible and he was pretty bad in it. Completely campy and over-the-top… I loved him in Truman Show and Man on the Moon because playing his characters that way fit perfectly, and the emotion seemed much more genuine. To me, The Majestic was one of the biggest disappointments I’ve ever seen in the theater.

  15. Shame this isnt a forum to discuss your narrow view of the social interactions of humans.

    You don’t harbour ill will, but yet you warn they are “messing with mother nature”. The the only people it supports are the filmmakers and stars. I guarantee you NO movie out there is made entirely without a person on staff or cast that has a lifestyle you agree with 100% so by your logic you have no grounds to watch any movie. Sorry.

    It doesn’t “support” the lifestyle of homosexuals to pay for this movie any more than watching the Sopranos supports organized crime.

    You are free to believe as you wish, however in this I have to disagree.

  16. Too bad, I will never see this movie as I have never seen Broke Back mountain and don’t ever plan too. Its not that I am homophobic, but I am strongly against Homosexuality because it goes against nature. The laws of nature are simple, a man and a woman pro-create, the man plants his seed and the woman bears the child. Its a beautiful union not to be taken lightly. Do not mess with Mother Nature.

    I don’t harbor any ill will towards people that choose this lifestyle, but don’t expect me to support it, by paying to watch a movie about it.

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