Megatron A Tank In Transformers 2

Megatron-Tank-2.jpgAs great as Transformers was (everyone knows how much I dug the first film… flaws and all), one of the things that most people seem to universally agree on is how misused Megatron was. No, I’m not talking about his design (which I thought was really good actually), but how little he was used, how little we saw him fight, how little we saw him interact with Starscream and how unceremoniously he was killed.

Now, while most of us all assumed that Megatron would be back for Transformers 2, we haven’t really heard anything official yet about it (since he know the main villain will be “The Fallen”). But now our friends over at CHUD are giving us some word on Megatron:

OK, I don’t think there’s a soul out there who will be surprised when Megatron returns in Transformers 2*. If the current incarnation of the script follows the beats of a previous incarnation (which did not feature The Fallen), Megatron may be getting brought back by the Autobots, who need him to conquer the new menace. But I’ve learned that this time he won’t be that weird alien jet. This time he’s a tank.

This seems to go along with previous stuff we’ve heard about the possibility of Autobots and Decepticons needing to team up to fight another force. I’m not huge on that notion myself… but I must admit it would be pretty cool to see Optimus Prime and Megatron fighting side by side… whoever they team up against is basically screwed.

Brining him back as a tank isn’t a bad idea, and it will please a lot of people who didn’t like the space jet look for him last time… plus it would give them an excuse to put a canon on his arm… which will make even more people happy.

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29 thoughts on “Megatron A Tank In Transformers 2

  1. Transformers without Megatron, to me, isn’t Transformers. Michael Bay in my opinion has never made a dull film, but if he attempts to make a Transformers movie, WITHOUT it’s main villain, that will be his first mistake. Sure it’ll get by the audience who know nothing about the Transformers Universe but to fans, it will not be watchable.

  2. there are many short scenes or episodes in transformers were they team up even in epic g1 when optimus is short in front of dying megatron transforms into a gun. but i would like megatron to get something else than a tank because i think he should be a bit more “alien” like in the first movie… maybe bay can make him reform into a new robot (as excuse for new altmode) and make him a jet again… or the epic gun although this would be a really lame alt mode and useless in the movie… but if the decepticons and autobots would team up the gun mode would got a use like i said in g1 prime uses megatrons gun mode to win why not in the movie ?but i think after reforming he should be called galvatron . that again makes me think of them teaming up against unicron who wants to destroy cybertron. i really would like to see some more cybertron action…but its michael bays work so we can only hope to have a few more g1 influences this time.

  3. i hate it when the good and bad guys get together to fight a greater ruthless evil..its so retarded

    just have starscream lead the decepticons..and if megatron DOES come back dont have him team up with optimus prime..i hate it when movies do that

  4. I think it would be pretty neat for the Autobots to bring back Megs and then when all of them have had their asses kicked and have just defeated the fallen…Megatron turns on the Autobots and whips some ass and then we have a premise for Transformers 3-Shia’s Revenge!!!

  5. we only got to see megatron fight against the autobots for what 10 – 15 minutes?? and now they will have to team up to fight a greater threat???

    fuck. that. shit.

  6. Hey Gareth,

    I meant a tank that has flying capabilities but a triple-changing Transformers is also a good idea. Of course, there is no such thing as a tank-jet so the design may have to be completely original.

  7. And the first Transformers movie borrowed some inspiration from Beast Wars, so I wouldn’t put it past them to do it again during this movie at some point.

  8. Hey John,

    I believe Optimus Primal and Megatron (from the Beast Wars series) did team up in one episode to fight another enemy. I remember there being strong tension between the two while they were fighting together.

    So it HAS been done before.

  9. “wasn’t there a decepticon tank in the first movie? wouldn’t that mean there would now be two decepticon tanks?”

    He was killed, plus there are MANY kinds of tanks that look drastically different from each other.

  10. I liked the jet. He seemed to cause tons of damage in that form. A tank seems like a step backward since he’d just be crawling around on the ground with limited range.

    Unless it’s an alien tank. Which it might be.

  11. i really don’t like the idea of the autobots and decepticons teaming up….. it’s going to be one scene with optimus prime and megatron fighting at first (before they team up) and one of them is accidentally going to step on Sam Witwicky and crush his arm and hand(get it?) and then that’s all the fighting we’ll see. the rest of the movie will just be all the Transformers in counseling talking about their relationships with each other.

  12. A good script and plot and better camera work, will make me more happy then seeing a canon on Megatron’s arm. Megtron was released before as a tank, and would seem to be the most natural Earth vehicle form for him to take.

  13. “we all know bay is leakin fake info”

    No, he’s not. His fake info was that eh would be releasing fake info. it grates my nerves when people keep mentioning this.

    Let’s look at his so-called examples. Number of leaked scripts? Zero. If they are out there then people are keeping them close to the vest. Number of leaked treatments? One, way back in October of last year. The treatment was a fun read but also would have been incredibly expensive to produce. Few took it as the real thing.

    Number of scenes leaked? Zero, goes back to the script idea. To leak a scene means leaking a portion of a script which hasn’t occurred. Now Bay could be saying he is shooting fake scenes but I call bullshit on that. The man takes too much pride in shooting films on time, on budget, and using the money wisely. Filming fake scenes smacks in the face of all three.

    Number of schedules in the wild? Zero. Technically the call sheets could be one but at this point all “schedule” information has consisted of either information given to the press of the locations they are shooting at or “guess what I found!” moments. There has been some incorrect information in regards to shooting in New York but I think that was human error rather then Bay’s work. But for giggles I will give him credit for it. One “fake” location out of dozens of accurate ones makes for pretty crappy use of misinformation.

    As for the call sheets, so far only one has been leaked from Bethlehem. I think the only “fake” part of the sheet is many of the Transformers name such as Wheelie, R8, Stinger, etc which are probably placeholder names. I don’t think Jetfire and Arcee are placeholders but who knows for sure. The information contained in the call sheets has been verified by multiple witnesses in mulitple locations and with dozens of pictures. The vehicles have been spotted not only in Bethlehem but since then in Philadelphia and now San Pedro. Are we supposed to believe Bay would waste money transporting cars across the country (most of which are expensive concept cars) if they are not actually being used in the film? Please.

    The sheets correctly identified the next stage of the schedule when production moved to the Steven F Udvar-Hazy Center and accurately describes scenes that witnesses report seeing filmed, and have snapped pictures of. A scene was scheduled with a Blackbird and what do you know…a scene was filmed with a Blackbird. Cast members, such as Ramon Rodriguez, where identified as part of the cast via the sheet and he has since been seen in Philly shooting with Megan Fox. Did Bay pay the expense of flying an actor and film him if he isn’t even in the film? Yeah right. Nothing about those call sheets have been contradicted and most has been verified in pictures, videos and from multiple different witnesses.

  14. It thought the first transformers Film was ok, It needed far more robot time (pending the budget). However it had a lot of problems the main one I felt was I could see what the hell was going on, during the last fight scene. (sort it out bay you fucking prick). Megatron was awesome however and needed more screen time. I hope the second on is better. What is with this trend of trilogies and the bad gug/good guy team ups in the second films Xmen, Blade

  15. t2 will be even better than the first one.
    i fucking loved it (as i love every bay movie – the only man of 6 billion people who knows what a real hollywood blockbuster is.), but the second one is even better, guaranteed.

  16. well this rumor makes me happy, although im not believin anything TF 2 related unless there actual proof cuz we all know bay is leakin fake info on purpose, so until i get proof its just a rumor

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