The Movie Blog: Uncut – Recorded July 30th 2008

Hey there folks! Welcome to the 300th installment of The Movie Blog: Uncut. This episode was originally recorded live on Wednesday July 30th 2008. Take off your shoes, kick back, relax and listen in as Doug and I discuss:

1) The new Harry Potter trailer and how they’ve done things right

2) Angelina Jolie as Catwoman???

3) Patrick Swayze kicks crap out of Cancer

4) Cheech and Chong together again

5) Bitch Slap

6) Punisher: Warzone disaster

7) Mummy and Swing Vote opening

8) Taking questions from the live interactive Chat Board

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33 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Uncut – Recorded July 30th 2008

  1. I am with John on this one. Again, no 110% gaurantee Punisher War Zone will blow, suck, rain shit, or whatever cuss-realted insult, but you cannot ignore all the bad signs. Fired & gagged their own director(who was a bad choice anyway), & made ridiculous time slots for the panels. I am not speaking as if Tom Jane were god, but I speak of him as being a fan of the character and comics, & being one of the only people working for it in the first place. I liked the 2004, (I have both versions), I did not mind all the little separations from the comic, but you’ve got to know that that was 4 years before Marvel Studios came into being, and they just kind of threw their material where they could to make money. Marvel has basically no control over movies whose rights are rented out. And, they did 2004 on a $30,000,000 budget, and a month to shoot it. Shooting in Tampa was less expensive, & I think the origin was slightly more interesting than the old comics. His WHOLE family gets slaughtered. The whole veteran argument is bullshit because he was a marine in the movie, and moved up to FBI before retiring. Extended Cut has footage of a Kuwait battle scene that was intended, but never made it. There is no evidence whatsoever that War Zone will be a good movie.

    As for the other 50 minutes of the episode(congrats on 300 btw): I would prefer to skip over a new Catwoman movie and put her into Batman 3. Transformers was a little bit of a letdown in the department of actually being about the Transformers, and the sequel doesn’t look much better. I think the new Mummy may be a decent movie, it isn’t faithful to the first two(which I enjoyed), and so it doesn’t feel like a “Mummy” movie. The Dark Knight was magnificent, but it felt a little bloated to me. Hoping for a nice solid trilogy, but there is just too much that you would have to accomplish in just one more movie.
    -Batman becoming the hero of Gotham
    -Catwoman and her involvement
    -so many villain possiblities
    And plus, how can we move forward with the Joker if it’s a brand new person playing him. Harry Potter 6 looks good. I have read the books, so I have a kind of disability to see past the major pieces that were left out in the film versions. I think #5 was kind of just done “okay okay let’s wrap this up so we can move on”, and I think there was a bit more potential to make the movie better. I cannot imagine how #6 could do badly, because you cannot remove anything from the books without removing the whole story. Hooray for Patrick, Cheech, & Chong. I was hoping to hear something about Max Payne, being new to the whole thing I was interested. Oh well. Maybe next time.

  2. so my opinions are baseless according to someone who says “because thomas jane says so…” when i ask him why he thinks the movie will be bad

    i never sayd it wasnt going to be good or bad im saying we cant tell if it will be just yet. and its THE PUNISHER- what do you guys expect out of it?? thats the guy with the worst story out of all marvel characters if you dont count kang.
    if youre walking to the movies expecting more then blood action and gore trust me….you WILL not like

    idk what you mean by “gotta try to stick to the subject” weve been talking about the same thing

  3. john

    yeah when the teaser for transformers came out that shows the 13 secounds of nasa footage in mars everyone in the theatre groaned and sayd “you gotta be kiddin’ me……transformers?????”
    the other trailers that came later on were awsome though

    i personally think it wont be great but it will be fun to watch…like the incredible wasnt the dark knight but it was fun as hell.
    to me- as long as theres killing and action im fine because its a punisher film….but i expect more from say..batman or ironman

    i have low expectations for it but i know itll be fun to watch cuz its the freakin punisher- i mean there WILL be awsome shooting scenes in it, that i am 100% sure of

    no one is expecting a great movie out of me..NO one will go to watch the punisher thinking the same thing they thought when they went in to see batman…theyll be expecting shooting and kiling and thats what theyll get….in batman people expected crazy shit what with the joker and some people didnt even know about 2 face…
    noones walking in expecting a serious drama crime movie with a twist ending..theyll go in for the gore.

    BUT. if it DOES suck….thomas jane will give everyone that had any kind of hope for it the biggest “i told you so” ever….lets all hope hes wrong so we can buy the $8 ticket without worries..

  4. Hazmat, are you responsible for Punisher warzone, because you seem to be taking a lot of offense to people bad talking it, why do you care if others aren’t excited about it.

    oh and its fucking spelled SAID!!

  5. Hey Hazmat,

    #1 – I NEVER said Indy would be the best movie of the year. I said it would be the #1 box office movie of the year. Looks like it’ll be the second biggest, so I was only off by 1 spot.

    #2 – Wanted was a 9 and Wall-e is the best movie of the year (so far)

    #3 – How can Jane know anything about the movie?!?!?! HE READ THE SCRIPT. That is the building blocks of everything. Every word that is said, every plot point… everything comes from the script.

    #4 – I never head anyone say the Transformers trailer was bad in any significant numbers

    #5 – Yes, everything in movies is OPINION. Every last thing because film is subjective. So anything I or anyone else says is indeed opinion. We make observations and then form opinions on what we observe. And after observing everything about Punisher to this point I’ve formed the following opinions:

    Punisher will suck
    Punisher will tank

    That’s totally cool if you don’t agree, but you have to admit that will all the shit going on around Punisher, saying it will suck and tank is a perfectly legitimate opinion.

  6. john

    when you say “punisher will suck. punisher will tank” alls that comes to mind is the 9 you gave to wanted the “best movie of the year” you gave to indy before it came out and the “perfect” 9.5 out of ten you gave to…wall-e
    (i think you gave the hulk a 6?…or was it something else i dont remember)

    you do have a great point when you talk about thomas jane but i have thoughts…what can thomas jane POSSIBLY know about a movie that hasnt even started geting made? they didnt even know what it would be called…they didnt know almost ANYTHING about it….rey stevenson was supposed to play abomination when this happened

    i remember people kept saying transformers was going to SUCK when the teaser came out because of the “too much cgi for a live action film” and “its a toys movie” deal..but it was the movie of the year on the mtv award thing and it was awsome…

    dude please dont misunderstand this as me taking a shot at you or saying you know nothing or anything like that…i just think we should slow down before we say its going to suck

    i personally dont even like the punisher as a comic book character hence the killing and the fact he takes absolutely no responsability for what he does just shooting bad guys…but i have to admit the movie was good

  7. Hazmat,

    Jane READ the script, so his opinion is a little more valid than anyone elses.

    The director saying it’ll be darker is also OPINION. And don’t forget… you’re talking about the same director they just fired and put a gag order on.

    Punisher will suck.
    Punisher will tank.


    thomas jane sayd this movie will suck even though it hasnt come out. hence: it will suck. OPINION

    i didnt like the trailer so the movie will suck. i like the spiderman 3 traile so that means the movie will be the best. OPINION.

    the first one was good/bad so this one will be good/bad. OPINION

    the director sayd shes making this one darker and with more gore and a lot more like the comic book. FACT

    whys that a fact? because the first one didnt follow the comic books at all and it wasnt half as gore as the comix.

  9. hazmat

    “the director sayd they want to make it better then the first and shes making it more like the comic book..shes making it darker and with more action and gore. THATS a FACT”

    it may be a fact but your explanation of this fact made NO fuckin sense.

    Do u actually proof read your “facts” before posting…please explain

  10. Hey Hazmat,

    You just totally proved my point.

    When a guy who will eat just about ANYTHING spits something out of his mouth, you know it must be TOTAL shit. Thomas Jane has done some really bad stuff before… so for HIM to think something is so shit that he’s willing to throw away 2 years of his life that he was fighting for and training for… I can only imagine how shitty it must be.

    Punisher will suck.
    Punisher will tank.

  11. goodbar

    i totally 100% couldnt agree more with geaorge- when the fuck did thomas jane set the standart in good/bad movies?

    first off- i read it and it lead nowhere that clearly pointed to the posibility of the movie to suck- not even close.

    i know he trained for 4 years and worked out but just because he sayd “fuck it” after working so hard on it- it doesnt mean itll be bad..hes not clint easwood hes thomas jane the shark boy in “deep blue sea”

    so the comic con thing was at 8- it was there! it happened! its not like it didnt happen…

    im not saying it will be good because i dont know, im saying people need to stop talking like theyre sure it will suck.
    everyone sayd indy 4 was going to rock- even this website..they gave it an A before it even came out..thats a human mistake, I thought the incredible hulk would be better then TDK and i was wrong

    and you sayd the trailer sucked..i liked it and i already sayd what i think about the trailers and how they have nothing to do with the movies themselves.

    the director sayd they want to make it better then the first and shes making it more like the comic book..shes making it darker and with more action and gore.


    and thats something we can talk about..NOT the trailer sucking because thats an opinion..same with the comic con thing…were not sure about it…..and thomas janes opinion isnt a fact..its an opinion

  12. George & Hazmat

    Maybe you guys should read John’s last post about punisher…

    Tom Jane wanting to leave the project is just ONE of the many reasons this movie looks like its in trouble. I dont know why u guys think thats the ONLY reason this will suck.

    1. Not only did Tom Jane bail on the project..but he did so after 2 years of training and preparing!! After being the most vocal supporter of a sequel. That in itself puts up a giant red flag!

    2. They fired (and placed a gag-order no less) the director as soon as it came time to cut the movie. Its bad enough to ditch the director…but to LEGALLY force her to STFU is even more worrisome. That means the studio doesnt want anyone to hear her side of the story. Bad sign.

    3. The first 2 writers they hired to write the screenplay have both asked to have there names to be removed from the credits. Also its not like the two guys are no-names….Stuart Beattie (Collateral, 30 Days of Night,etc.) & Kurt Sutter ( Producer & writer of The Shield) are quality writers who know action & drama.

    4. The Comic-Con panel placement that John mentioned is ANOTHER bad sign. Placing all punisher-related crap in time slots NO ONE will see is very questionable. (love the comment about only Janitors & caterers too lol). Also heard from AICN that the producers, at first, were telling people that Lexi was “on her honeymoon” thats why she wasnt there. Of course they changed there story was news broke she was kicked off the movie.

    Thats 4 reasons to assume that this movie is in trouble.

    Who knows..we all may be wrong…but if it smells like shit, looks like shit….most likey SHIT is what it will be.

    Oh also the crappy trailer that was released is another red flag. Looks like they through together all the gruesome kill shots and added a crappy generic metal soundtrack…

  13. Patrick Swayze did have a small role in Dirty Dancing 2 actually.

    I don’t think a Dirty Dancing is such a good idea money vise unless they turn it in to one of those horrible hip hop street dance shit.

  14. HAZMAT I never said that this movie was going to suck it just doesn’t appeal to me as much as the first one did, after they announced that they will be rebooting the franchise they lost my interest because i was expecting the story to continue. I know Marvel is trying to make this one closer to the comics but theirs nothing good i can say about it.

  15. mikey

    thomas jane isnt the mesiah of movies!! why are people thinking the punisher is going to suck just because he dropped out of it??

    its so stupid! stop it!

    just because he worked hard on wanting a sequel and then he sayd “this looks retarded” and left it doesnt mean its going to suck it just means hes got no balls and pussied out on a movie HE wanted and doesnt know anything about hence it hasnt come out yet

    the punisher movies have done NOTHING to deserve this- the first one was good and this one hasnt come out- what the fuck do people want?

    rey stevenson loks more like frank castle then thomas jane did- thomas jane is too poster boy GQ to be the punisher- he was great but hes not the best at it

    sure the trailer looks bad but the spiderman 3 trailer and pirates of the caribean 3 also had kickass trailers

    i personaly like the 1st trailer it shows more shit then the terminator teaser and harry potter 6 teaser combined times 4

    not a lot of people will watch this ..same with the first but the 1st one was good..and maybe this will suck but we dont know that yet…theres nothing that points into that “this movie will suck” direction thats accurate

  16. My view on the NEW Watchmen trailer:

    This movie looks like crap. I hate those slow downs (slow motion stuff). A five year old can do that on his Mac. Why does everything have to be in slow motion???? There is too much CGI and slow motion crap. That stuff just takes me right out of the movies. Making movies in real time, and flowing it in real time takes a lot more effort than just slow-moing everything in CGI. And is the guy narrating this the same guy who narrated 300; the same cheesy, english/fake actor-guy???? SO BAD!!!! I wish people would make movies the way they used to make ‘em: God Father, Heat, Dog Day Afternoon, etc. Shoot it in real time, and for real. Nolan does it, Sydney Lumet did it, Coppola did it. This movie seems more like a freakin’ music video than a movie. A Cheesy Music Video! Hollywood needs talent…and FAST!

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