Dragonball Pics – Goku, Chi-Chi and Mal

I’ve already said it many times, but I’ll say it again anyway… Dragonball is the next Speed Racer. A property whose current popularity and potential audience is being drastically overestimated with source material that does not lend itself to becoming a decent live action movie. This movie will tank.

Having said that… damn I’d take “Mal” to dinner anywhere she wanted to go and whenever she’d agree to be seen in public with me (which probably means never). Thanks to Jarred for the pics. There is a water mark on the images, but I can’t find a corresponding site. If you know where they came from, please drop me a note and let me know.




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33 thoughts on “Dragonball Pics – Goku, Chi-Chi and Mal

  1. I’m remaining neutreal on this one. I’m a huge fan of DB/Z/GT. Goku wore blue at the beginning of Dragonball so that made sense, though his hair looks wack.
    I think if they can make the flying effects the same as the current superman movie then there may be hope. Plus i want some decent energy blasts.
    I get it’s hard to bring DB charcters to life on the big screen but there are better choices for Goku.
    After watching the trailer the story is a bit odd but i really think it will come together as a sci-fi/action movie very nicely. Just cut down on the cheese factor and amp up the hard core action and it will be fine!

  2. shit… i if this is d dragonball they’re showing we should just murder the producers, the director and the actors. give justice to a fine anime that lasted for years. who came up with this crap of a movie any way. it’s better just watch the real animated version from japan.

  3. It may be one of the best movies to come out, a box office smash of such, but if it doesn’t stick to its origins, then it’s just another street fighter, can anybody say; ‘none American Guile or Kylie Minogue Cammy’. First of all, does anybody on this blog know or have a friend, who is a white guy called Goku?
    You’re only going to get camera tricks like crouching tiger, people pretending to walk on trees, fake fighting; and to you hardcore DB fans worldwide, you must be disappointed. By Goku alone, never mind the none green Piccolo and Master Roshi with a full head of hair, tall and serious, when has master Roshi ever been serious. As for Bulma, she should have blue hair and where is Krillin and Tien. Finally I have beef with the storyline, WHERE IS GOKU’S TAIL and what’s up with his hair? To be continued after the release date.

  4. Sorry, but after all the movie promoting I’ve seen, I have to say it one more time. This movie will suck. Dragon Ball was flawless the way it was and this film utterly feigns the full package of the character Son Goku, and the philosophy and values he symbolizes that gave the manga and anime the eminence that they had.

    Goku was an honest, innocent and naive little child who, even when introduced into the chaos of the over dramatic and jaded world he had grown up oblivious to, retained his purity and turned most of his foes into friends WITH NOTHING BUT HIS SINCERITY, AUTHENTICITY AND HIS DEDICATION TO PERFECTING HIMSELF AND ENJOYING LIFE. He wasn’t a pissed off, unpopular, ostracized 18 year old American kid who looks like he takes life too seriously.
    If they make a movie that everyone here likes, I think that’s awesome and I’m really happy for all of you, but the point of it being Dragon Ball is gone… since the heart and essence that made the show what it was are the two things they chose to throw away, replacing it with more of the stereotypical excess action sequences and constant shit being blown up that has kept viewers from giving the story a chance to begin with. I don’t even think Toriyama-Sama could have made this into a movie, simply because the story was a LOOONG epic, and it’s clear by the amount of time they spent on this film, as well as who they got to direct and star in it that all they see in this movie is a chance to make some cash. Even though these later Batman films that have come out are not consistent with the original story, at least they stayed true to the heart of the character and made movies about that, which is why those movies were so good and are continuing to attract a wider audience of viewers (not to mention the awesome director they have and a PERFECTLY casted roster of characters.) If you’re not going to make the movie based on the essence of its original, it’s useless to even try.
    I can think of at 100 ways that Dragon Ball might have had a chance at being adopted into a movie that Western audiences would find agreeable, with a film seminal story that retains the same feeling as the original and could make the shows haters take a second look. But even as a director, I never would try… Unless I could beat a company like 20th Century Fox to the punch, because I think the story is better in the hands of someone who knows the story and characters well enough that they could write any movie based on the essence and feeling alone and it would be better than this P.O.S. coming out next spring. I would even say that a true admirer making this film would get Toriyama-Sama in on it.

  5. Im not a Dragon Ball Z, but look at this shit! they are many of fans of Dragon Ball over the fucking world, and the pay with this!! come one! fuck off! fans deserve a good film in all aspects! for all we know its thet the characters suck as the paris hilton porn movie.

  6. John your right, Dragonball wouldn’t do well into live action movie but the filmmakers are going for a sense of realisam for a example Bulma played by Emmy Rossum is a Brunette while in the anime her hair is blue, its also confirmed that their’s no talking animals nor dinosaurs in the film and as for Goku the only reason he’s hair is so spiked up is because he’s a saiyan. The studios are aiming at the large fanbase and the casual movie goers if Transformers can do it why not Dragonball?

  7. I still think they should of made a Dragonball Z movie instead of a Dragonball one. Goku looks the age he was at the very end of the Dragonball series.

    Only the first trailer can help predict how it will do.

  8. Oh, and all of what I wrote above is assuming they get an R rating, like the director wants.

    I’m sure DBZ will be the next one, and it would make sense, because no matter what rating they got for that, people will go see it just for Vegeta, and seeing him kill some people…like always.

  9. Let me begin by saying that I’m not a big fan of Dragonball…at all. However, I honestly think the movie will surprise most people as to how good it will be. The reviews won’t be anything amazing and chances are it won’t take in a whole lot of money, but if the action is as cheesy and over-the-top as it was in the TV show, then it’ll be worth watching.

    However, I’ve been hearing how many things they are actually putting in the movie, which might give it a sort of “stretched out” feeling. Judging by the amount of sets and numerous locations where they filmed, I assume they have a pretty decent budget, so I hope the flying and jumping will be done well.

    I’m actually surprised at how well the casting was done, Goku and Bulma especially. They look pretty much how they would look if the cartoon was brought to real life without using wigs. Chi-chi looks a bit odd, but it’ll work, and I don’t remember Mai, but she’s delicious.

    I have faith in this movie being better than the new Punisher or the new Wolverine…hopefully I’m right, that way everybody wins.

  10. Dragonball is not really for kids it was censored in north america for its pervesion, violence and language. but the original japanese uncut version is available on DVD

  11. Yeah this is dragonball not dragonball Z, so I am thinking no vegeta, although he was my favorite character of the series as well.
    The pictures of goku in this dont seem to show the true character of goku, who is an always smiling never take anything seriously kid who kicks the crap out of everything. This guy playing him just looks relaly serious, even though that is the opposite of the character. We will see though.
    And I do think dragon ball has a bigger following than speed racer, especially considering the asian fans.

  12. Dragonball is for kids. Where is my DBZ. When Vagetta his the screen for the first time, I think I’ll have a heart attack.

    I remember once, Goku and friends gave him a pink shirt to wear. And when he puts it on he says, ” What is this Karorrot? I am a warrior, not a variety of flower. “My #1 favorite cartoon character.

  13. Mal, Mai – easy mistake. Even most Dragonball fans didn’t know who Mai was until this came along, or that there was even an original series for that matter. They seemed to think that DBZ just popped out of the ground.

    I keep thinking this will be more along the lines of “Transformers” since it was greenlighted shortly after that movie’s success. I’m guessing they’re under heavy pressure from the studio to keep it from looking anything like “Speed Racer.” I really want to see some footage already.

    I will agree that they’re waging too much on the fanbase for this. Up until we got that Chi-Chi pic just now, there was no indication on the posters that this was even an action movie. It was just people standing around. You spent a $100M on this, Fox – you better sell the premise and not just the faces.

  14. Here’s the basic story A monkey-tailed boy named Son Goku is found by an old martial arts expert and raised as his grandson. One day, during a full moon, Goku transforms into a giant ape and accidentally kills his adopted grandfather, but later has no recollection of it. Several years later, Bulma, on a quest to retrieve the seven Dragon Balls and have her wish granted by the dragon that will appear, meets Goku, now living alone with the four-star Dragon Ball that he treats as his dead grandfather. Goku decides to accompany Bulma on her quest, and along the way, meets and befriends many martial artists, undergoes rigorous martial arts training regimes and educational programs, and faces various challengers and villains, often at the Tenka-ichi Budōkai.

  15. we cant tell if this movie will be good or bad just yet- but some people seem to KNOW its going to suck…

    the only thing we can get out of these pictures is ONE and only one thing…hell be wearing blue instead of brown or orange or red- which is good…but thats it…theres nothing here pointing towards the posibility of it being bad or good.

    idk where you guys see the “this movie will be bad” sign

    anywho i like the fact that his pajamas arent red or orange i like the blue look better…

  16. This movie is made of FAIL.

    Those pictures look terrible. There’s a lot about these character designs that don’t lend themselves to a ‘real world’ environment. Goku especially. That looks terrible.

  17. Yea, this movie is something like nine years late, and looks just as old. I LOVE all sorts of anime, and still never got into Dragonball. I’d rather see an Inu Yasha or Trigun movie attempted. Or Magic: The Gathering. I’d love to see a Magic movie, but if there’s one card in it the movie would be crap, I’m talking a movie of the Weatherlight storyline, or the Khamal, Jeska, Phage, Ixidor, and Akroma story arc… Dragonball was a card game right?

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